Planning to become a Vet in India?


Here is a table of Veterinary courses in India along with the duration and cost of the course:


Institute Name


Course Name


Course Fee

Petsburgh Grooming Salon and School


Basic Pet Grooming Certified course

4 weeks


Khalsa College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences


Department of Veterinary Clinical Medicine



Indian Institute of Allied Health Sciences


Diploma in Veterinary & Livestock Development Assistant

2 years

Rs.30,500 per semester

Apollo College of Veterinary Medicine


Degree (B.V.Sc. & A.H.)

5 and half years




What are the Top Veterinary Schools in India?


1. Petsburgh Grooming Salon and School, Maharashtra

2. Khalsa College of Veterinary & Animal Services, Punjab

3. Indian Institute of Allied Health Sciences, Delhi

4. Apollo College of Veterinary Medicine, Rajasthan



What is the cost of Veterinary courses in India?


As you can see on the table above, there is only a limited provider for Veterinary classes in India. The cost is Rs.30,500 per semester.



What is the duration of Veterinary courses in India?


The duration of Vet-related courses range from short courses like Pet Grooming that are just 1 month long, to professional Vet courses that are 2-5 years long in duration.



What is the salary of a Pet Groomer in India?


The average salary for a Pet Groomer in India is ₹19,087 per month.

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Showing Courses 1 - 0

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