Top 10 Eyebrows Courses in India |


Why you should learn Eyebrow Course in India?


If you want to become an expert in eyebrow shaping but struggling to do so, then it’s time for you to start your eyebrow course in India. 


Gaining certification in a professional eyebrow course will teach you everything you need to know when it comes to creating the perfect arch. You will learn all the latest eyebrow techniques that are essential to learning in order to become a successful eyebrow specialist in India. 


Completing an eyebrow course and getting that certificate will ensure long lasting success in the beauty industry as clients will be able to trust a certified eyebrow specialist more than the opposite. 


Course Name 

Average Course Duration

Average Course Price 

Eyebrow Course 

2 months 

INR 15,000

Eyebrow Course

1 month 

INR 10,000 


What is the average duration of Eyebrow Course in India?


The average duration of an eyebrow course in India is around (1) to (2) months depending on the level of course. 


What will I learn by taking Eyebrow Course in India?


By taking a professional eyebrow course in India you will learn: 


  • Sculpting of brows with the alignment of the facial shape 
  • Techniques of eyebrow trimming 
  • Mapping the area of eyebrows 
  • Filling up sparse eyebrows 
  • Removing the eyebrow hair effectively 


What is the average price range of the Eyebrow Course in India?


The average price range of a good eyebrow course in India starts from INR 10,000 and goes up to around INR 15,000 covering everything you need to know about working with eyebrow embroidery. 


What are the most famous Eyebrow Course institutes in India?


The top 5 eyebrow course training centers in India are: 


1. LAKME Academy, Kerala

2. Beauty Icon, Vadodara

3. Orane International School of Beauty & Wellness, Vadodara

4. VLCC Institute of Beauty & Nutrition, Bengaluru

5. Emeralde International Institute of Hair and Beauty, Mumbai

6. Radiance Beauty Point, Udaipur

7. Alps Beauty Academy, Delhi

8. Kolors Beauty and Wellness Academy, Chennai

9. Lekshmi Menon's Face Palette, Kerala

10. Bharti Taneja Alps Academy Kamla Nagar, Delhi


What jobs I can get after taking Eyebrow Course in India?


By getting certified in an eyebrow course in India you will be able to take up the following jobs in your career as a beautician:


  • Eyebrow sculpting specialist 
  • Eyebrow designer 
  • Eyebrow specialist 
  • Microblading expert
  • Permanent eyebrow expert 

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