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Microblading is a temporary type of tattoo that fills out or shapes your eyebrows. This procedure was introduced in Asia and it has gained enormous popularity all around the world. While certification in this profession is not required by law, accreditation gives customers a sense of satisfaction that you know what you’re doing and they are in good hands. Microblading training in India is given in many institutions.


Microblading has gained popularity for many reasons, with having your eyebrows done (semi) permanently, you don’t have to worry about filling and reshaping them every other morning before you head out to conquer the world. The price of microblading training in India is quite affordable and almost anyone can become an expert in this profession. You can also train in 3D eyebrow embroidery courses, the more the better! There are many microblading seminars held throughout India that you can attend to learn more. Microblading training is available almost everywhere in India. There are many microblading specialists and microblading experts who would love to guide you and give you tips based on their experiences.


If you’re planning to be a microblading trainer, have no worries. Eyebrow embroidery courses in India are available at cosmetic academies where you can go through various eyebrow embroidery training options.  Some of the best microblading schools in India like Renuka Krishna – Eyebrow Microblading and Ridhi Khanna offer an extensive course on microblading. You can, later on, use this course to improve different aspects of your career as a cosmetic specialist in India.


There are many microblading platforms that are available in India including Renuka Krishna who is considered as one of the best, Ridhi Khanna, Dr Batul Patel in South Mumbai and Zolie Skin Clinic where you can get a job as a microblading expert provided that you have finished all the required courses. These courses can only be completed if you are learning under the supervision of a highly qualified microblading technician.


For this purpose, we have arranged a long list of all the microblading training centres for you that are available in different parts of India. If you live in Mumbai, New Delhi, Jaipur or Hyderabad, you will be able to choose the best microblading training center or course for yourself.


Learning how to do microblading can get you anywhere around 31, 80,000 INR per year which is without tip if you are dealing with two appointments per week. A four weeks appointment will get you a good amount of 63,60,000 INR per year without tip and six appointments per week will bring a solid income of 95,40,000 INR per year excluding tip.


So you can say that becoming a certified microblading artist will surely take you places in terms of success and booming business. Keep up with all the latest trends and techniques of microblading that are being used in India and make the most of your career as a cosmetic artist.


Have a look at the list below and choose the microblading training in India that fits your needs perfectly! 


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