Top 10 Perfumery Courses in India |


Why you should learn Perfumery course in India?


If you have been a fan of perfumery but have never undergone a professional perfumery course in India then it's time that you considered your hobby seriously. 


Learning perfumery professionally is the best thing you can do as it will teach you about all the complex technicalities that must be learned and practised to perfection which is otherwise not possible if you are taking the method of self-teaching in perfumery. 


Becoming a certified perfumery expert in India will open many doors of opportunities for you as your certification will enable a sense of trust among the customers. You can also work as a freelancer and work your way up as a perfumery expert in India. 


Course Name 

Average Duration

Average Price 

Perfumery Diploma Course

150 hours 

INR 11,872

Perfumery Course


INR 708

Basic Perfumery Course


INR 2,124 


What are the most famous Perfumery Institutes in India?


The Top 5 Perfumery Institutes in India are: 


1. Mamta Creations 

2. Forever Fragrance 

3. Perfumery - a Beginners workshop in Bangalore 

4. Modern Mickies School 

5. Pearlz Hobby Classes


What jobs I can get after taking Perfumery classes in India?


By taking up a perfumery course in India you will be able to get a number of jobs such as: 


  • Perfumer 
  • Fragrance Chemist 
  • Perfume Compositions Expert 
  • Perfumery Trainer 
  • Perfumery Technical Expert


What is the average price range of Perfumery course in India?


The average price range of a solid perfumery course in India starts from around INR 500 and may go anywhere up to INR 2,400. This depends on whether the perfumery institute you are attending offers basic or advanced perfumery courses.


What is the average duration of Perfumery course in India?


The average duration of a perfumery course in India is around 150 hours including all credit hours. 


What will I learn by taking Perfumery course in India? 


  • By taking a perfumery course in India you will learn about the different topics of perfumery. You will get a better exposure of the natural extracts, unique fragrances, taste and smell.


  • You will learn how to improve your existing perfumery skills and work on yourself in a better way to achieve a higher level of fragrance creation.


  • You will also learn about creating your own DIY scented candles, soaps, bath bombs and what not! By taking an advanced course in perfumery in India you will also learn the further technicalities that are needed to understand if you want to become successful in the field of perfumery. 


  • Get ready to learn all about the complex applications and creations in the field of perfumery!

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