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Why you should take Waxing courses in India? 


In India, there are a lot of women who know how to apply wax at home and want to take it to the next level. The part that’s tricky is that they don’t know where to start. 


We have curated some of the best waxing institutes in India specially for you in this article. The reason why you should take a waxing course in India is that not only your existing waxing skills will improve but you will also be able to learn a lot of new techniques and tricks when it comes to waxing. 


Name of Course 

Average Course Price

Average Course Duration

Professional waxing course

INR 2,000 

2 months 

Waxing Course

INR 1,000

1 month


What is the average duration of Waxing Course in India?


The average duration of a waxing course in India is around (1) to (2) months in total. This duration may vary based on different factors like the complexity of the course and so on. 


What will I learn by taking Waxing Course in India?


By certifying in a professional waxing course in India you will learn a lot of important things such as: 


  • How to do hard wax
  • How to apply wax with tools
  • How to use the waxing tools 
  • You will learn what is the right time to apply hot wax 
  • How to apply wax on sensitive areas
  • Waxing on eyebrows 


What is the average price range of the Waxing Course in India?


The average price range of a waxing course in India is around INR 1,000 to INR 2,000. The price also varies on different important factors like the location of the institute, experience of the waxing experts who are teaching and so on. 


What are the most famous Waxing Course institutes in India?


Here are the Top 9 waxing institutes that are available in different corners of India: 


1. LTA School of Beauty, Mumbai

2. Savita’s Institute of Beauty Therapy & Hair Dressing, Mumbai

3. Miracle Salon & Academy, Mumbai

4. Vidhi’s Blush Beauty Parlour & Classes, Mumbai

5. Palasia Salon & Academy, Mumbai

6. Lakme Salon Chandivali, Mumbai

7. Purple Salon-N-Academy, Thane 

8. Icon Training Institute, Mumbai

9. Kayakalp Beauty Parlour & Classes, Surat


What jobs I can get after taking Waxing Course in India?


By completing your certification as a waxer in India you will be able to get the following jobs:


  • Wax trainer 
  • Wax specialist 
  • Work as a waxer in famous beauty salons in India 
  • Body wax expert 
  • Eyebrow and facial waxer 

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