Planning to learn Gymnastics in India?


Here is a table of Gymnastics classes in India along with the duration and cost of the course:


Institute Name


Course Name


Course Fee

RnR Fit


Regular Class

1 month


Delhi Dance Academy


Adults Gymnastics

1 month


Incredible Mallakhamb



1 month


World Self Defence & Special Gymnastics 


Special Gymnastics



Excellence Gymnastics Academy


Level 1



Alacrity Sports School



1 hour


Future Fit


Artistic Gymnastics



The Little Gym


Pre K Gymnastics




( School Health And Physical Education) 



1 hour


Martial Warrior Academy



3 times a week 

(1 hr.)




What are the Top Gymnastics clubs in India?


1. Alacrity Sports Research and Art Academy - Pune, Maharashtra

2. DPS International Edge -  Gurugram, Haryana

3. Knockout Martial Arts & Fitness - New Delhi, Delhi

4. RnR Fit Gymnastics Academy - Bengaluru, Karnataka

5. Excellence Gymnastics Academy - Gurugram, Haryana

6. Pathways World School Aravali - Noida, Uttar Pradesh

7. Delhi Dance Academy - New Delhi, Delhi

8. The Phoenix Gymnastics Academy - Hathyogi Nikam Guruji Marg, Thane West

9. SHAPE (School Health & Physical Education) - Pune, Maharashtra

10. Sportyze - Ghaziabad



What is the cost of Gymnastic classes in India?


Institutes across India offer gymnastic classes for all ages where prices can change per bracket. Also, prices of their programs are also based periodically in which a learner can choose for the length or number of classes he/she wants to attend upon request. 


In contrast, some institutes give their prices once you have given your enrollment form then can further discuss the right amount and program of each learner. 


As represented in the table above, the age bracket of 2 to 14 years has an average amount of Rs 8364 while for 15 years old and above, the price can amount to Rs 12388 on average. A learner can also choose to enroll in a drop in class that has a fee of Rs 700 per session. Wherein, out of all the institutes, there is only one institute that requires an annual registration fee of Rs 590. 



What is the duration of Gymnastic classes in India?


Duration of gymnastic classes across India ranges from 60 to 90 minutes per session that can last upto a month or year depending on the amount per class enrollment. 



What is the salary of a Gymnastic coach in India?


The average salary for a Gymnastics Coach is ₹ 20,064 per month in India. 

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Chaos Faktory Logo


Gymnastics class is offered by Chaos Faktory.

Cheapest by Chaos Faktory [ Claim Listing ]
Elegance Gymnastics Academy Logo


Gymnastics Course is offered by Elegance Gymnastics Academy.

Cheapest by Elegance Gymnastics Academy [ Claim Listing ]
Delhi Dance Academy Logo


The sport of Gymnastics requires superior body flexibility and strength that comes with regular training from a trained Gymnast.

Cheapest by Delhi Dance Academy [ Claim Listing ]
The Little Gym India Logo

Preschool Gymnastics

Our preschool gymnastics program will help your child channel their boundless energy and reach developmental milestones in a structured environment.

Cheapest by The Little Gym India [ Claim Listing ]
The Lion Heart Combat Club Logo


Gymnastics Course is Offered by The Lion Heart Combat Club.

Cheapest by The Lion Heart Combat Club [ Claim Listing ]
Gym Enjoy Logo

Competitive Gymnastics

To help each individual reach their potential as gymnast or trainer or coach and enjoy a fit and healthy sporting career.

Cheapest by Gym Enjoy [ Claim Listing ]
Kolhapur Sports Association Logo

Gymnastic Training

Gymnastics (mother of all games) coaching is being provided by KSA every evening in its Gymnastics Hall at Chhatrapati Shahu Stadium since last 22 years. Around 30-40 boys and girls are provided coaching throughout the year.

Cheapest by Kolhapur Sports Association [ Claim Listing ]
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