Planning to take Horse Riding lessons in India?


Here is a table of Horse Riding classes in India along with the duration and cost of the course:


Institute Name


Course Name


Course Fee

Bangalore Horse Riding


Horseback Classes

Session wise

Rs.3500/90mins /pp 


Warrior Horse Riding

New Delhi

Horseback Classes

Session wise

Rs.1200/pp/ride. Rs.12000/month/pp



Horse riding lessons

Class Wise



10 lessons 

Hyderabad Horse Riding


Horse riding lessons


Rs.400/session  Rs.12000/ month



Riding lessons



Rs.5000 10 classes 

Delhi Riding Club

Central Delhi

Horse riding lessons

1 month

Rs.1700/hour/class  Rs.19100/month 

Stallions Valley


Horse riding lessons


Rs.6000/2 months Rs.15000/3 months

Pune Equestrian


Riding Classes


Rs.5440/8 sessions Rs.8160/12 sessions

Aspen Horse Riding


Horse riding lessons


Rs.350/class,Rs.8000/ mo

Children’s Riding Club


Riding Classes


Rs. 6000/mo

Rs.4000 pvt class


What are the Top Horse Riding schools in India?


1. Japalouppe Equestrian Centre, Pune

2. Bangalore Horse Riding School, Karnataka

3. Warrior Horse Riding Academy, New Delhi

4. Embassy International Riding School, Bengaluru Karnataka

5. Pune Equestrian, Pune

6. Stallions Valley, Kerala

7. Hyderabad, Telangana

8. Delhi Riding Club, Central Delhi

9. The Children's Riding Club, Karnataka

10. Madras School of Equitation, Tamilnadu


What is the cost of Horse Riding classes in India?


The average price of a horse riding class in India ranges from Rs.1200 to Rs.1800.


What is the duration of Horse riding classes in India?


Classes are offered per session with the duration of 30 minutes, 45 minutes and 1 hour.


What is the salary of a Horse Riding Trainer in India?


An entry level horse trainer (1-3 years of experience) earns an average salary of ₹4,62,383. On the other end, a senior level horse trainer (8+ years of experience) earns an average salary of ₹4,62,383

11 course(s) offered by institutes in India
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Rising Equestrian Logo

Horse Riding

Horse Riding classes are offered by Rising Equestrian.

Cheapest Institute by Rising Equestrian [ Claim Listing ]
The Ride to Live Academy Logo

Horse Riding

Horse Riding classes are offered by The Ride to Live Academy.

Cheapest Institute by The Ride to Live Academy [ Claim Listing ]
Amateur Riders' Club Logo

Horse Riding

Horse Riding Course is Offered by Amateur Riders' Club.

Cheapest Institute by Amateur Riders' Club [ Claim Listing ]

The Riding School Logo

Horse Riding

Horse Riding Course is Offered by The Riding School.

Cheapest Institute by The Riding School [ Claim Listing ]
Adagio Riding Stables Logo

Horse Riding

Learning to ride goes well beyond gaining control of an animal. Getting acquainted with a pony / horse, grooming, caring for and preparing one's pony /horse for the ride is a key part of the learning process.

Cheapest Institute by Adagio Riding Stables [ Claim Listing ]
Gurgaon Horse Club Logo

Horse Riding Lessons

At Gurgaon Horse Club we strive for internationally- inspired, structured lessons and professional grade facilities so that you can learn riding quickly, safely and above all – in an environment of dignity to horses and staff.

Cheapest Institute by Gurgaon Horse Club [ Claim Listing ]
Duke Horse Riding Club Logo

Horse Riding Lessons

Duke’s is the perfect place to discover the thrill of horse riding while enjoying nature and the outdoors.

Institute by Duke Horse Riding Club [ Claim Listing ]

Ace Instructor Logo

Horse Riding Lessons

Horse Riding Training and Lessons are offered by Ace Instructor for all ages and skill level. For Riders who are comfortable on their horses we provide boarding of horses and basic Rider supervision. 

Cheapest Institute by Ace Instructor [ Claim Listing ]
Digvijay Pratishthan Horse Riding Academy Logo

Basic Horse Riding

We offer Basic Horse Riding (Week Day’s and Week-End) at the Riding facility.

Cheapest Institute by Digvijay Pratishthan Horse Riding Academy [ Claim Listing ]
Jappelouppe Equestrian Centre Logo

Horse Riding

Learning Riding requires building muscle memory, gaining strength & learning a new skill. The speed of learning depends on one’s age, physicality, athleticism, and how frequently they are taking the lessons.

Institute by Jappelouppe Equestrian Centre [ Claim Listing ]
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