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Superprof is more than 200 employees at the Embassy of Knowledge Sharing in Paris in the 10th arrondissement helping to share your passions in 39 countries, 18 languages and 24 hours a day.



1 - Share knowledge

Teachers, coaches, professionals, mentors, talent; Superprof is a community of fantastic teachers ready to share their knowledge & their passion.


2 - Arouse curiosity

More than 1001 subjects available to learn and teach. Live new experiences with incredible teachers. Ready to start your incredible journey?


3 - Learn confidently

Verified profiles, validated degrees, certified student opinions, assured availability, motivated students, we offer the best in education to learn & share confidently.


4 - Safe, Secure

100% secured payment, https protocol, SSL certificate, data encryption: all the latest digital technologies to guarantee a safe journey for our members.


5 - Ok, Superprof?!

Need help, some information? Our team is available from Monday to Friday to reply to your queries.


6 - Respect of your data

Your personal data is valuable and safe with us. They are never sold, shared or distributed outside of Superprof.


7 - Happiness first!

Superprof is a happy and multicultural team at the service of the superb teachers' community. You want to change the world of knowledge sharing: Discover our story & join us!

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Courses offered by Superprof



Embroidery Digitizing Specialist giving online classes concerning Digitizing & Working on Embroidery Machines (Avance, Brother, Ricoma, Melco, etc...)

by Superprof


Learn to sew and quilt with Judy! She has over 30 years experience.

by Superprof


Crochet/Knitting Tutor with 11 years of crafting experience offering online video lessons.

by Superprof


Expert High-End Couture Draper, Patternmaker & Seamstress. Bring your original designs to life by learning traditional couture techniques.

by Superprof


I am a Ceramist and passionate about art. I propose individual practice lessons on the pottery wheel.

by Superprof

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