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Online Albanian Course with Blerina


My Lessons & Teaching Style:

I offer online tuition of Albanian and Russian languages. My lessons focus on what the student’s goal is. I have an individual selective material. My materials are compiled from various sources and from myself since my profession is Philology, that is working with languages.

My lessons are based on real-life topics in order to make them as interesting as possible for my students. I use newspaper articles, sometimes videos from YouTube as the foundations of each lesson.

From this material, I concentrate on teaching grammar structures, vocabulary and practicing conversation.

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  • Blerina
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  • I have been working for 9 years. I'm patient end encouraging tutor. Love my work to teach. Also, I'm a serious, hard worker, responsible and punctual person. I can work with people of different ages and levels. During my studying years, I experienced what it's like to learn another language, therefore my teaching approach is completely based around helping students overcome blocks in communication and I work on making learning Albanian and Russian a good experience. Most importantly, I would like to help you achieve your personal goals. Blerina Professional Teacher From Albania Living in Tirane, Albania
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