Become a Journalist: Report the News Specialization

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Launch Your Journalism Career. Develop journalistic skills for print, broadcast and social media platforms



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Online Become a Journalist: Report the News! by Coursera


About this Specialization:

This Specialization will develop and enhance your understanding of the global field of journalism. You'll learn best practices and ethical standards for newsgathering processes and compiling a news report through hands-on projects, peer-to-peer feedback, and issue exploration.

You will also study journalism's impact on societal issues and trends, plus explore career opportunities in newspapers, magazine, social media, Internet multimedia, television, radio, corporate and community journalism.

The final Capstone project will guide you through the journalistic portfolio process, where you will conceptualize, report and complete a professional-quality news report.


Online Become a Journalist: Report the News! by Coursera

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    Online, Online, Online
  • Teacher's Name
  • Zhao Peng, Joanne C. Gerstner, Eric Freedman, Joe Grimm, David Poulson, Lucinda D. Davenport
  • Teacher's Experience
  • - Zhao Peng: PhD candidate, School of Journalism - Joanne C. Gerstner: Sports Journalist in Residence, Michigan State University School of Journalism - Eric Freedman: Instructor, School of Journalism - Joe Grimm: Instructor, School of Journalism - David Poulson: Instructor, School of Journalism - Jeremy Steele: Specialist, Michigan State University School of Journalism - Lucinda D. Davenport: Director & Professor, School of Journalism
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