Diploma in International Convention and Maritime Law

by Alison

This free online course on the implementation of IMO conventions, ILO convention, and the importance of maritime law



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10-15 Hours

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Online Diploma in International Convention and Maritime Law Course by Alison


About the course:

This free online course teaches you about the conventions and codes of IMO, the structure of ILO, as well as the complexities of admiralty law. It distinguishes between maritime law and admiralty law.

This course explains the role of the IMO, the flag state, and the flag state requirements. It highlights the different maritime zones and explains UNCLOS on marine pollution. You will also learn about the importance of COGSA and seaworthiness.

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  • For nearly two decades, American Digital University (ADU) has been publishing quality courses related to the maritime industry. Our journey began with the realisation that there was a real problem with access in the sector, so we set about addressing this through the creation of more accessible instructional and learning opportunities for students interested in entering the maritime industry.
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