Embroidery For Beginners

by International Open Academy

This course is your invaluable guide to practicing one of the most versatile crafts. No wonder embroidery is so in vogue right now. 



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Online Embroidery For Beginners Course by International Open Academy


Give a second life to old or plain clothes or shoes by adding colorful motifs or drawings created by you. Jazz up your tired-looking curtains, lampshades, and cushions with your embroidery designs. 

This course is your invaluable guide to practicing one of the most versatile crafts. No wonder embroidery is so in vogue right now. 

Step by step, you’ll quickly and easily learn different embroidery stitches and techniques. With all the embroidery patterns in the course, you’ll be bursting with imaginative ways to upcycle old materials.  

Create a unique look for everything you wear. See how smocking transforms your clothes, lampshades, pillows, and curtains. Discover the joys of beadwork to add sparkle to your wardrobe. Start exploring your creativity through embroidery today.



International Open Academy courses are designed for anyone with an interest in learning. No formal qualifications are required to study with us.

Our courses are suitable if you want to learn new skills, start a new career, or if you’re already working in a particular industry and wish to upgrade your talents and enhance your resume.



Module 1: Introduction

  • Introduction to embroidery
  • Hand embroidery
  • Tools and materials
  • Care of embroidery


Module 2: Creating Designs

  • Working with a frame
  • Creating a design
  • Transferring a design


Module 3: Types Of Stitches

  • Flat stitches
  • Crossed stitches
  • Looped stitches
  • Knotted stitches
  • Project: Basket labels
  • Project: Cross stitch serving mat
  • Project: Recipe book cover


Module 4: Fantastically Simple Techniques For Hand Embroidery

  • Monograms and lettering
  • Project: Monogrammed pocket
  • Couching
  • Project: Bottle bag
  • Project: Velvet Scarf


Module 5: Advanced Hand Embroidery Techniques

  • Drawn thread work
  • Pulled thread work
  • Project: Drawn and pulled thread tray cloth
  • Cutwork pillow


Module 6: Fun With Hand Embroidery Techniques

  • Smocking
  • Project: Smocked bangle bag
  • Project: Smocked tube top


Module 7: Beautiful Beaded Hand Embroidery

  • Beadwork
  • Project: Beaded evening wrap project
  • Project: Beaded beach bag
  • Project: Beaded espadrilles


Module 8: Simple Machine Embroidery For The Beginner

  • Introduction to machine embroidery
  • Machines and equipment
  • Machine stitches
  • Designing for a machine
  • Border motifs
  • Project: Bordered hand towel
  • Project: Ribbon bordered skirt


Module 9: Advanced Machine Embroidery Techniques

  • Freestyle machine embroidery
  • Machine embroidered fabrics
  • Project: Tote with picture pocket
  • Project: Corsage
  • Project: Ruffled scarf
  • Project: Trinket box
  • Project: Baby coverlet
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