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Energy & Low Carbon Sustainable Energy Systems - Beginner Masterclass



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Tekena Fubara PhD

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What you'll learn

  • Have a sound understanding of global energy systems, and the emerging decentralised energy systems, with a good appreciation of challenges and opportunities.

  • Develop a sound understanding of the importance of the energy industry, and challenges posed by climate change..

  • Acquire robust capability in energy market segmentation and strategy tools and frameworks for designing energy business models..

  • Be an expert in energy subsidies, how they work, the opportunities they present, and the challenges of implementing or working with them.

  • Fully understand the evolving world of digitalisation and growing opportunities it presents for the energy business.



  • No prerequisites and no advance preparation are required, neither is any prior education or experience required. All you need is a healthy curiosity and an open mind to learn



The energy industry is undergoing a revolution, and new grid models are emerging with distributed energy resources (DERs) combined with renewable energy systems leading the way. As corporations and the public sector move towards Zero Carbon, distributed generation (DG), from wind farms to solar power to fuel cells, continue to play a growing role in energy system design and operation.

These technologies present both daunting challenges and valuable opportunities in rethinking the economics and management of energy systems. Digitalisation and Industry 4.0 are transforming how the energy business is run. As more non-controllable or intermittent energy sources through renewable energy systems is introduced, several smart technologies are being developed to ensure reliability, while increasing the penetration of renewable and sustainable energy sources. There is growing pressure on businesses, governments, and even consumers, to keep up with these rapid changes.

This course will guide you through the essentials of energy resource management and will give you detailed knowledge of technical and commercial considerations when designing energy systems and business models. This is a fully practical masterclass on the energy and renewable energy Business, and it is well balanced for those in the technical field and those in the business world.

The course will cover both the past, the current situation and the future potential and scenarios of energy generation while using real-life case studies, energy generation modelling and current research and development as reference. You will get a comprehensive overview of the energy landscape, use cases, potential grid services, market players, business models, and energy strategy tools and frameworks. We will discuss how to incorporate these into your strategic planning.

We will discuss new technologies, new types of customers, changing customer expectations, new market participants, and evolving business models. We will also look at current and future trends in digitalisation and how advancement in the Internet of Things (IoT) can drive zero-carbon opportunities. Get insights on dealing with the challenges of lost revenue and increased costs and complexities while taking advantage of opportunities to diversify your business, upgrade your systems and operations, and respond to your customers and communities.

This industry can get pretty complicated, and this course will help you make more sense of it. Now is a good time to learn this course.

Join us as we debut this interactive online course. It’s a convenient way to 'attend' the course, while still having the opportunity to interact with the instructor, your industry peers, and contributing to your continuing professional development.


Who this course is for:

  • This course can be studied by a broad range of people, but is especially designed for;

  • Individuals curious about the energy industry or an industry veteran looking to grow or, thinking about joining the industry

  • Individuals intending to learn about energy generation, distribution and storage

  • System Integrators

  • Professionals looking to advance into the energy & environment sectors

  • Managers and executives wanting to improve their understanding of energy generation and storage markets, as well as helping to develop business strategies and policies

  • Technical professionals, including Renewable Energy Engineers, Engineers from Original Equipment Manufacturers, Solar Power Engineers, Wind Power Engineers, etc

  • Sustainability Managers and Directors looking to drive their business towards a low carbon economy

  • Utility staff and policymakers looking for a comprehensive overview of energy resources and markets

  • Investment fund managers looking to better understand the technical and commercial aspects of their fund deployment

  • Project Engineers

  • Technical Leaders

  • Environmentalists

  • Community Leaders

  • Climate Changers

  • Entrepreneurs looking to go into the emerging energy business, and to create a fortune from this emerging market

  • Engineers looking to broaden their experience as part of their continuing professional development (CPD), in view of changes to traditional sectors

  • Indeed, for anyone, including students, who want to learn more about the renewable energy business, emerging technologies and business models

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