Introduction to Contracts in Law

by Alison

Learn more about the elements of a legally binding contract and how to resolve a breach with damages.



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1.5-3 hours

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Introduction to Contracts in Law by Alison


This free online introductory course on contracts in law will teach you about the most important elements that make up a contract.

The course also reviews scenarios in which contracts - which are agreements entered into by parties with the intention of creating a legal obligation - can be breached if one or more of the parties involved do not fulfill their part.

You will also learn what you have to do to ensure optimum contract remedies.



Learn About Contracts, Contract Law And The Implications Of Breach Of Contract.

  • Module 1 Introduction To Contracts, Contract Law And Breach Of Contract.


Course Assessment: Introduction To Contracts In Law

  • Module 2 Course Assessment

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  • Christine Williams is an educator with 15 years teaching experience, both online and in person. Having originally studied and practised law in the United States, Christine moved to Canada and beginning a career in banking and personal financial planning. Following her move to Canada, Christine began her career in education, teaching law and finance at a local university in Vancouver. Christine was an early believer in the power of online learning and started teaching online soon after entering the classroom. Christine's areas of expertise are law and personal finance, her two primary passions in life and two subjects she believes give her learners a sense of power over their environment. Besides her qualifications in these areas, Christine also has a masters in social work. Christine's personal finance courses aim to instruct the student on how to position themselves financially in a secure and dynamic way, while her law courses focus on teaching students how to manage their way through the very complicated world of law in a way that has a real world positive impact on them, their families and their businesses.
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