Journalism (Semester A)

by Shmoop

You'll learn what makes an effective quote, what makes a successful interview—and, ultimately, what makes a good story. You'll also learn the methods journalists can use to evaluate their data before they go ahead and publish an article of any kind



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18 Weeks

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Online Journalism—Semester A Course by Shmoop



Okay, okay. Be honest with us: You've thought about being a journalist at least once in your young life, haven't you?

We don't blame you. The life of a journalist can certainly be an exciting one. You get to hear breaking news before it even breaks. You get to interview such illustrious figures as presidents and pop stars.

You may even get paid to give your two cents on entertainment, sports, or life in general. But before you embark on your fruitful career as a hard-hitting, spunky reporter, answer us this: What, exactly, is journalism?

Shmoop's journalism course seeks to answer that question for you (so don't say we never help you with your heavy lifting). In this course, we're looking at some fascinating info about the journalistic world.


Case in point:

  • Unit 1 is all about the reason we need journalism. Because, really, we do.
  • Unit 2 will teach you how to be a journalist (and fulfill the childhood dreams we just know you've had).
  • Unit 3 will cover the kind of journalism that keeps you up-to-date on, like, everything in the world: news.
  • Unit 4 is a lesson in healthy skepticism, or how to avoid being duped by false info.
  • Unit 5 features features, which are in-depth looks at single, special topics.
  • Unit 6 dives deep into the hard-hitting, mystery-shrouded world of investigative reporting.

And that's just in Semester A. Wait 'til you see the hard-hitting journalistic reporting we've got in store in our second semester.


Unit Breakdown (83 lessons, 2504 points, 83 hours):

  • What's Journalism For? (18 lessons, 641 points, 18 hours)

  • A Journalist's Toolkit (14 lessons, 346 points, 14 hours)

  • All the News That's Fit to Study (14 lessons, 337 points, 14 hours)

  • Put On Your Skeptical Spectacles (9 lessons, 256 points, 9 hours)

  • Featuring Features (14 lessons, 442 points, 14 hours)

  • Going in Deep (14 lessons, 482 points, 14 hours)

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    Online, Online, Online

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