Learn to Speak Nepali - Beginner Level

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Pronunciation, glossary, theory, and sentences - with native speakers from Nepal



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Online Learn to Speak Nepali - Beginner Level course by Udemy


During this course you will learn how to speak Nepali, the language spoken in Nepal as well as in the Indian states of Sikkim and West Bengal.

Please note, in this course you won't learn to write and read Nepali, as the Devanagari script of Nepali won't be used. Instead, all Nepali words and sentences will be written in the Roman/Latin script, as how you would speak it.

Nepali has some different sounds of English. But don't worry, native Nepali speakers will help you pronouncing the Nepali words and sentences.


This course consists of 15 lessons spread over the 5 sections:

1. Introduction

2. Counting

3. Time & Date

4. Eating

5. Food


Each lesson follows the same structure:

A. Pronunciation

B. Glossary

C. Theory

D. Sentences


What you'll learn:

  • How to pronounce Nepali sounds.

  • Listening to native speakers.

  • Frequently used Nepali words.

  • Different forms of Nepali words.

  • Nepali grammar.

  • Common Nepali structures.

  • Nepali sentences: question & answer.

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