Malagasy Online Course – Level 1

by Cudoo

Learn Malagasy, the musical, poetical language spoken throughout the whole of Madagascar, and its official language along with French



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Online Malagasy Online Course – Level 1 course by Cudoo


Reflecting its colourful history, Malagasy is also very poetical, rich in imagery. For example, we say ‘dusk’, the Malagasy say ‘maizim-bava vilany’ (‘lit when the mouth of the cooking pot is dark’).


With our Malagasy Online Course, you can:

  • Introduce yourself and others
  • Talk about colors
  • Use numbers 1-20
  • Use the days of the week
  • Use simple greetings
  • Talk about professions
  • Talk about countries and where you live
  • Tell the time
  • Give your phone number and contact details
  • Talk about food and drinks

Learn Malagasy Online and introduce yourself to words and phrases commonly used in Madagascar. With our language course, you can practice online at your own pace, anytime, anywhere and from any device.


Online Malagasy Online Course – Level 1 course by Cudoo


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