Planning to take Arts and Crafts classes in India?


Being rich in cultural diversities, the country is home to many world-famous arts and crafts works such as Bidriware, Madhubani paintings, Dokra, Kashmir rugs, and others. This is why arts and crafts training in India is one of the most sought after educational choices of students.


And to that end, India has plenty of colleges and institutes that offer students the right mix of education and exposure to master Indian arts and crafts.   


Here’s a glimpse of various arts and crafts courses in India along with course fees and duration: 




Program duration

Program fee

Visva Bharati University

B.A (Hons) Music

3 Years

INR 11070

Visva Bharati University

B.A (Hons) Mural

5 Years

INR 11070

Visva Bharati University

B.F.A (Hons) Painting

5 Years

INR 10070

Visva Bharati University

M.A (Fine arts and Painting

2 Years

INR 11360

Lovely Professional University


4 Years

INR 58000 per semester


Why learn Arts and Crafts in India?


India is home to a large number of art and craft colleges, which attract a large number of students to this discipline. Art and craft is one of the widest disciplines; students can specialize in a wide variety of subjects which in turn rewards them with lucrative career options.


Moreover, with the exponential rise of technology, especially artificial intelligence, even tech behemoths such as Microsoft are looking for graduates from arts and crafts disciplines to improve the capabilities of Cortana. 


What is the cost of Art and Craft classes in India?


Depending on the type of course chosen, arts and crafts training in India can cost as low as INR 10070 for five year Bachelor of Fine Arts course in a government-recognized university to as high as INR 58000 per semester from private universities.   



What is the duration of Art and Craft classes in India?


Art and craft training in India is a 3 (or) 4 (or) 5 year undergraduate diploma course, the minimum eligibility for which is a higher secondary certificate examination (10+2) qualification with minimum 50% marks in aggregate from a recognized educational Board.


B.A. in Art and craft is a foundation course involving concepts of various forms of visual and performing arts including painting, sculpture, architecture, music and poetry that are developed primarily for aesthetics or beauty rather than commercial application.



What are the best Art and Craft institutes in India?


Colleges that offer art and craft training in India are given below.


1.   Visva Bharati University, Bolpur

2.   Government college of arts and crafts, Kolkata

3.   Indian Institute of arts and crafts, Coimbatore

4.   Indian Institute of Crafts and Design, Jaipur

5.   Aligarh muslim university, Aligarh

6.   Sri Guru Nanak Dev Khalsa college, New Delhi

7.  College of Arts, New Delhi

8.   Jamia millia islamia university, New Delhi



What will I learn from Art and Craft courses in India?


Listed below are the core courses taught in Art and craft training in India:


  • History of Indian Art
  • Indian Aesthetics
  • History of Western Art
  • Western Aesthetics
  • Contemporary Indian Art
  • Art and craft – Techniques and Technology
  • Art History & Art Criticism
  • Art History & Aesthetics
  • History of Indian Sculpture
  • Indian Pre-Modern and Modern Art
  • Major Stylistic Development in Western Paintings and Sculpture
  • Understanding of Art management and Marketing
  • Music and Aesthetics



What jobs can I get as an Artist in India?


The job market for arts and crafts trained individuals is promising and the salary ranges from 1.8 Lacs to 2.16 Lacs per annum. Here is a list of jobs that students can opt for post completion of art and craft training in India:


  • Visualizing Professional
  • Arts and crafts trainer/teacher
  • Illustrator
  • Art critic
  • Artists
  • Art Professional
  • Design Trainer



98 course(s) offered by institutes in India
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Craft and Social Development Organisation Logo

Candle Making

Our candle-making foundation course will teach you everything you need to know about starting and running your own candle-making business.

Cheapest by Craft and Social Development Organisation [ Claim Listing ]
Bharat Sevak Samaj Vocational Education Logo

Jewel Designing CAD

Jewel Designing CAD is offered by Bharat Sevak Samaj Vocational Education. In the context of reaching the unreached, BSS National Vocational Education system is being established firmly in India with a mission to take education to the doorsteps of the learners.

Cheapest by Bharat Sevak Samaj Vocational Education [ Claim Listing ]
Northern School of Music Logo

Drawing and Painting

Drawing and Painting Course is Offered by Northern School of Music.

Cheapest by Northern School of Music [ Claim Listing ]
Jaanu Mums without logo

Soap Making Class

Soap Making classes are offered by Jaanu Mums for all skill level. 

Cheapest by Jaanu Mums [ Claim Listing ]
Ascent Abacus & Brain Gym Logo

Handwriting Improvement

At Ascent Abacus & Brain Gym , Handwriting Improvement Courses have been researched and re-researched to maximize the rate of output in minimum time and let the child & parent get the dread out in just few sessions

Cheapest by Ascent Abacus & Brain Gym
Rajan's School of Photography Logo

Drawing and Painting (Basic)

This course is aimed at developing appreciation of visual arts. It provides basic training in aesthetics of design, drawing, watercolours and painting.

Cheapest by Rajan's School of Photography [ Claim Listing ]
Music n Dance Academy Logo

Basic Drawing

Basic Drawing course is offered by Music n Dance Academy. Music N Dance Academy is a reputed institute of highly trained and experienced professionals who have adjoined together to provide satisfaction with impressive results and time management.

Cheapest by Music n Dance Academy
Shaptha Swarangal Music Logo


Drawing is a form of visual art that makes use of any number of drawing instruments to mark a two-dimensional medium.

Cheapest by Shaptha Swarangal Music [ Claim Listing ]
Shaptha Swarangal Music Logo


Painting is the practice of applying paint, pigment, color or other medium to a surface (support base).

Cheapest by Shaptha Swarangal Music [ Claim Listing ]
Ideal Play Abacus India Private Limited Logo

Creative Art

Creative Art India programmes are professionally complete ,developed, and stimulating. They are greatly enjoyed by our students.

Cheapest by Ideal Play Abacus India Private Limited [ Claim Listing ]
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