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If your infant has a knack for problem-solving games and number blocks, you can enroll them in Kids Abacus classes in India. Many children at the age of 5-6 fear numbers due to the pressure from their parents or school to learn fast.


But you would want your child rather love the subject and embrace the logical and calculative approach. Hence, the kids abacus classes in India can help your child understand mathematics through a more comprehensive approach.


Of course, you as a parent would want to know the vital details of admission rates, well-known schools nearby as well as benefits of abacus learning.


So here we go with all the answers to your questions.


Why your kids should take Abacus classes in India?


  • Befriending Mathematics - Kids abacus classes are widely recognized to providing comfort and familiarity of kids with numbers. When your child feels at ease with problem-solving and playing with numbers, mathematical questions will not pose any further problems and improve their math learning skills.


  • Abacus for future rewards in life - If you want your child to realize from an early age that maths is their favorite subject or math is interesting and not scary; it can only be achieved at this early age through the logical approach of Abacus learning.


  • Additionally, the kids get an upper hand in quickly understanding the math lectures at school.


What is the cost of Kids Abacus classes in India?


The Kids abacus classes in India are affordable and depending on your area of living, you can conveniently locate the various centers offering kids abacus training in India.


Here is an average fee for Abacus classes in India for you.


Institute Name



Indian Abacus


1,000 INR to 1,800 INR for 3 months. 

Bangalore Area Abacus Centers


2,100 INR per month.



What is the average duration of Kids Abacus Classes in India?


Kids Abacus classes in India have levels of training. Each level can take around 2-3 months to complete, and then, the next level of training begins. 


What are the top Kids Abacus training centres in India?


Kids abacus classes in India are present in abundance all over the cities of India.


Here are some of the top abacus training centres of India:


1. SIP Academy India, PVT. LTD., Chennai.

2. ADEPT Home Tutions, Visakhapatnam.

3. The Midas Touche Educare, Kolkata.

4. Cue Learn Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore.

5. Kesav Institute of Mathematical Science, Mumbai.

6. Brain Master, Bangalore.


What does abacus classes teach to the kids?


  • Kids abacus classes in India have brought about the academic change which helps your children stay comfortable with their courses than to fear it.


  • The children use their cognitive skills, with the help of advanced abacus techniques.


  • They also learn to properly solve mathematical problems without mugging up the formulae. 


  • A child while going through middle school can grasp various mathematical problem-solving skills with no hassles.


What are the future job opportunities for kids who start with Abacus training in India?


The job market for those who excel in science and maths is vast and your child will always receive employment opportunities if they polish their skills well.


Not to forget, a proper grasp of mathematics through kids abacus classes in India can help your child excel in higher studies and even through college graduation. Following options open up for kids in their future who are proficient in abacus and mathematics in general:


  • Maths Professor.
  • Data Analyst. 
  • Dean.
  • Robotics Trainer. 
  • Python Developer.
  • Project Coordinator.

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