Top 10 Hairdressing Courses in India |


If you are a beginner at hairdressing and need to improve your skills, then you must enrol in hairdressing courses offered by renowned institutes that are available in every city of India. These hairdressing courses will help you in-depth to master different hairstyles for any party or occasion.


You can also join light hairdressing classes if you are a bride to be and want to learn some good hairstyles that you could use in your daily routine without having to rush to the salon every other day.


You can choose from a variety of hairdressing courses like learning how to work with hair dye, principles of haircutting styles, sanitation standards as well as cosmetology safety.


These are just a few of the courses that you can participate in if you are living in India. Have a look at the list below and consider hundreds of hairdressing classes with locations at a convenient distance from you.


It doesn’t matter if you are living in a city as busy as Mumbai or in the isolated areas of Rajasthan. You will find a certified hairdressing institute or home tuition in almost every city of India.


You can choose among different hairdressing institutes in India such as Indian School of Hairdressing in Maharashtra, Orane International School of Beauty and Wellness in Gujarat and Indian Institute of Advanced Cosmetology.


You can also check out the ratings of different courses that are mentioned to make a steady decision about which institute you will be attending to enhance your hairdressing skills.


Hairdressing can also be taken up as a job in India. If you love hairdressing and used to give different hairstyles to your dolls as a child, then it's time you recognized this talent and showed it to the world.


Hairdressing has a wide scope in the industry as you can start your own barbershop in India which will easily help you in earning around Rs 25,433 per month according to Indeed. The big names like Toni and Guy pay around $25,038 to their hairdressers per year which is pretty good for a hairdresser.


The good news is that you can easily reach that figure with hard work, dedication and a reliable hairdressing institutes in India which is now at your fingertips!


Learn how to make unique and pretty hairstyles such as beachy waves, blow-dry, bob cut, messy bun, diamond cut, retro hairstyles, braid hairstyles and a lot more both for daily use as well as for your profession as a hairdresser.


As we all know how weddings are a big thing in India and every girl wishes to have a hairstyle that is better than the rest, the demand of hairstylists has increased and this makes room for more opportunities!


You can always look up to top hairdressers in India who have made a mark in the fashion industry with their talent and unique cuts. These hairdressers include Aalim Hakim, Savio Pereira, Adhuna Akhtar, Jawed Habib and many others.


Once you have learned every little tactic and technique of hairstyling and cutting, joining any of these big names in the industry will become easier for you. This means that you will be able to work under the influence of these awesome hairdressers and speed up your career as a hairdresser in India.


So have a look at the list below and explore your options today. You will find countless hairdressing institutes that will teach you all about hairdressing in India.

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