Top 10 Salon Management & Hygiene Courses in India |


Why you should learn Salon Management & Hygiene course in India?


If you are thinking about starting your own beauty Salon in India but feel like you know nothing about the A-B-C’s of this, then it’s time for you to start with a course in salon management and hygiene. By starting this course you will be able to grow your career as a beautician. You will be given theoretical and practical classes in salon management and hygiene in India.


Starting this course will make you seem more professional as you will already be aware of all the yes factors that should be kept in mind while running a beauty salon. Not many people give much thought to salon management and hygiene as a result of which their career suffer and eventually they are left with no choice but to close their salon business for good.



Average Price

Average Duration


INR 70,000

30 days / 180 hours


INR 10,000

30 days / 2 hours a day


Becoming professionally educated under the influence of competent experts who are dedicated to teaching you all about salon management and hygiene in India. You will soon become a professional salon manager.


What are the most famous Salon Management & Hygiene coaching centres in India?


There are numerous accredited salon management and hygiene classes offered all across India and some of them are mentioned below:


  1. Orane International in Punjab

  2. Salon Management Course School in Mumbai

   3. Butic in Mumbai

   4. VLCC

   5. City and Guilds – Manipal Global

   6. India Skills

   7. Maharashtra Self-Employment Training Board

    8. Manipal University


What jobs I can get after taking Salon Management & Hygiene classes in India?


Once you start a salon management & hygiene course in India, multiple doors of opportunities will open for you in your career as:


  •  A Salon owner
  •  A Salon manager
  •  An Entrepreneur
  •  The Owner of a wellness centre


What is the cost of Salon Management & Hygiene course in India?


The average price of salon management and hygiene course in India typically ranges from around INR 10,000 to INR 1,00,000. The price depends on various important factors such as the location of the academy, the experience of the salon management and hygiene tutor and so on.


What is the duration of Salon Management & Hygiene course in India?


The duration of salon management and hygiene course vary according to the academy or course you are going to enrol in. Some academies offer courses that last for thirty days straight with a total of around 180 hours. While others teach for thirty days and two days per hour.


What will I learn by taking Salon Management & Hygiene course in India?


There are many benefits of starting a salon management and hygiene course in India. You will be able to learn a lot of things that you were not introduced to before. Some of these important topics are mentioned below:


  • Basic communication and management skills
  • Staff management
  • Crisis management
  • Store management
  • Hand washing
  • Tool sterilization
  • Clean floors and work surfaces


So what are you waiting for? Have a look at the list below and consider taking the salon management & hygiene courses that are most convenient for you in India!


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