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Henna is a form of body art that originated from the Indian subcontinent, a henna artist may create decorative designs on a person’s body. This is done especially at the time of weddings. There are many bridal henna artists as well as beginners who are striving to become professionals in making unique henna designs. For this purpose, we have collected some of the most recognized henna teaching schools and courses in India.


Henna Classes in Delhi


Hours of Operation

Mode of Payment

Other Information

Henna classes in Tilak Nagar

Tiwari Mehndi Art

10:00 am – 10:30 pm

Cash, Paytm

They will teach you all about being a good bridal, Arabic mehndi artist and also offer mehndi classes

Henna classes in Uttam Nagar

Saptrang (The Fashion Academy)

1:00 am – 5:30 pm


You will be given henna classes, hobby classes, tailoring classes and a lot more!

Henna classes in Gurgaon

Man Pasand Mehndi Art

24 hours

Cash, Debit Cards, Cheques, MasterCard, Amazon Pay etc.

There are products sold, bridal packages and they also offer home services


From the above information we can conclude that when it comes to attending henna classes, there are many options available in Delhi as well as Mumbai, Lucknow, Jaipur, Hyderabad and Rajasthan. The table above is just an example of all the information you can receive based on your preferences in order to become a good henna artist in India.


You can join any basic henna course starting from INR 4,500 with a duration of a total of twenty sessions and a round off of forty training hours. You can also learn mini designer courses that offer henna coaching in India from Sarala’s Beauty Academy as well as extensive bridal henna designing course at INR 22,000 that consists of around thirty sessions of around sixty hours coaching in total.


You can join many similar henna courses that will offer advanced henna courses and teach you how to do:


  •         Traditional henna designs
  •         Muslim and Gujarati style designs
  •         Human figures like dhol, dulha- Dulhan
  •         Modern henna designs


There are other bridal courses that start at INR 15,000 for twenty sessions consisting of sixty hours in total. By joining these henna coaching classes, you will learn how to become a professional henna artist in a short amount of time.


There are many self-taught henna artists in India who have been applying different designs of henna on the hands of brides and other individuals. These henna artists need an advanced henna course every now and then. The list we have arranged below will show you some of the best henna courses that are available in different corners of India.


As far as the income of a henna artist in India is concerned, there is no fixed salary. Typically, henna artists charge around INR 1,000 per hand and if they are exceptional in creating unique henna designs, they can also earn around INR 5,000 or above for every henna designing session they complete.


This means that by becoming a henna artist in India, you will be able to earn a great income in no time. So have a look at the list below and explore different henna courses and training centres in India! 


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