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Makeup is a girl’s most prized possession in 2019. It has been observed that the cosmetics industry of India has a good market standing of around 6.5 million USD. This means that the makeup industry of India is growing rapidly at the rate of 13-18 percent which is more than other countries such as Europe and the USA.


The makeup industry has revolutionized tremendously in the past decade. New makeup techniques and trends have made their place in makeup such as contouring, highlighting, microblading and even tanning.


If you are a makeup lover then there are many opportunities for you to pursue makeup as your profession. For this purpose, many girls need some grooming up to do as well as learn more makeup techniques as well as how to do makeup on others.


Getting professionally trained under the supervision of famous makeup experts in India is a good idea if you want to groom your makeup skills. We have managed to collect some terrific makeup classes for you all across India which you can attend to improve your makeup skills and become a great makeup artist in a short period of time.


Becoming a makeup artist in India is also a good option if you are interested in doing makeup. You will be delighted to know that the average salary that a makeup artist gets per month is Rs22,028. This means that you can earn more than a teacher, a personal assistant or a secretary.


The best part is that the salary of a makeup artist increases with the passage of time. Factors like recommendations, experience and advertisement can contribute greatly to doubling the income of a makeup artist in India overnight.


So have a look at the list below and join any of these makeup classes in India that are available in every city. These makeup academies are being managed by competent and highly qualified makeup professionals.


You can also get access to affordable makeup classes like Orane International School of Beauty and Wellness, Daniel Bauer Makeup and Hair Academy by Artist Factory, Fat Mu Pro Makeup, Makeup Studio and a lot more! These academies are located in different places in India like Mumbai, Maharashtra, New Delhi, Ludhiana and Gujarat.


This means that now you can find join any of the makeup classes that are mentioned above or select from hundreds of options provided in the list below!


In order to become a successful makeup artist, you need to get the right education and practice on makeup. By joining a makeup academy in India you will be able to offer your services as a freelancer who attends brides or party makeup as well take a job in renowned makeup salons.


These makeup classes in India are super affordable at Rs. 35,000 Rs. 25,000 or less for different durations like four to six weeks.


The makeup academies in India pay a lot of attention to their students especially if they are beginners. In every class you attend, you will be assigned with a model on whom you can do makeup and learn under the supervision of a great makeup artist.


So start today and enrol in the most convenient makeup classes near you! 

Learn at your own pace and time.
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