Planning to get Artificial Intelligence Certification in India?


Here is a table of Artificial Intelligence courses in India along with the duration and cost of the course:


Institute Name


Course Name


Course Fee

National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology


Advanced Diploma in Artificial Intelligence

3 weeks 

Rs.35 000

Jigsaw Academy


Artificial Intelligence

3 months 

Rs.25 000

W3 Training School


Artificial Intelligence



Besant Technologies


Artificial Intelligence

30 hours


Quick Xpert Infotech


Artificial Intelligence

4 months


Tech Data Solutions


Machine Learning & AI



Soft Logic Systems Training


Artificial Intelligence

8 weeks


Four Steps Training Solutions





Seven Mentor


Artificial Intelligence

90 hours


Green Technologies


Artificial Intelligence




Top Artificial Intelligence Institutes in India


1. National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology, Calicut

2. Jigsaw Academy, Bangalore

3. W3 Training School, Gurugram

4. Besant Technologies, Bangalore

5. Quickxpert Infotech, Mumbai

6. Tech Data Solutions, Mumbai

7. Soft Logic Systems Training, Chennai

8. Four Steps Training Solutions, Chennai

9. Seven Mentor, Pune

10. Green Technologies, Chennai


Cost of Artificial Intelligence courses in India


The average cost price of the course is Rs.25 000 to Rs.35 000


Duration of Artificial Intelligence courses in India


The course has different durations of 3-8 weeks, 3-4 months and 30-90 hours


Salary of an Artificial Intelligence Specialist in India


The average salary for an Artificial Intelligence Specialist in India is Rs.600 000.

184 course(s) offered by institutes in India
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Code Planet Technologies Logo

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

CodePlanet Technologies is one of the best Machine Learning Training/Internship institute in Jaipur. We have a team of experienced ML developers and Certified trainers from multinational companies to teach students.

Cheapest by Code Planet Technologies [ Claim Listing ]
Spirevision Tech Logo

Artificial Intelligence

The domain of machine learning and its implications to the artificial intelligence sector, the advantages of machine learning over other conventional methodologies, introduction to Deep Learning within machine learning. 

Cheapest by Spirevision Tech [ Claim Listing ]
Srishti Robotics Logo

Robotics And Artificial Intelligence

This course is designed for beginners to give a kick start to Robotics with the help of the most beginner friendly python programming language. It will be a perfect instroduction to robotics image processing and artificial intellegence. 

Cheapest by Srishti Robotics [ Claim Listing ]
India First Robotics Logo

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Workshop is offered by India First Robotics for all ages and skill level. Our syllabus is based on industry inputs and requirements which prepares the student to face the technicalities in industry.

Cheapest by India First Robotics [ Claim Listing ]
Institute of Advance Network Technology Logo

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be defined as the development of computer systems which can perform tasks, such as recognizing patterns and pictures, understanding language, learning from experience, at par with human intelligence.

Cheapest by Institute of Advance Network Technology [ Claim Listing ]
Prognoz Technologies Logo

Machine Learning & AI Training

Our Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence - ML & AI with Python course covers all the concepts and practice required to get skilled in applying Ai (Artificial Intelligence) techniques in solving real world problems.

Cheapest by Prognoz Technologies [ Claim Listing ]
Mindchamp Logo

Artificial Intelligence

This course will teach students what data science and machine learning is while creating their own smart classrooms and other live projects.

Cheapest by Mindchamp [ Claim Listing ]
Expertzlab Technologies Logo

Artificial Intelligence Engineer with Data Science

Complete Python programming with Advanced features like Django programming, Visualization using Seaborn and matplotlib graphs, Data re-shaping with Numpy and Pandas.

Cheapest by Expertzlab Technologies [ Claim Listing ]
Luminar Technolab Logo

Machine Learning & AI

Machine learning is a data analysis method that is used to automate analytical model building. It is a subset of artificial intelligence (AI) and focuses on analyzing structures and patterns in data to allow reasoning, learning, and decision-making without human interactions.

Cheapest by Luminar Technolab [ Claim Listing ]
Steps Kochi Logo

Artificial Intelligence Training

Artificial intelligence (AI), sometimes called machine intelligence, is intelligence demonstrated by machines, in contrast to the natural intelligence displayed by humans and other animals.

Cheapest by Steps Kochi [ Claim Listing ]
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