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Offering quality courses in visual arts, music, languages ,science and examination preparation, Paramount Study is an education institution that not only imparts knowledge and skills to large numbers of local and international students but also fosters their independent thinking.

Our goal is to have students reach their full potential and to encourage them to apply their knowledge not only in the classroom but in their lives as well.

Paramount is defined as “the highest point”, at Paramount Study we strive to help students attain their pinnacle by encouraging them to surpass their own achievements. Over the years, we have helped countless students of all ages and cultural and social backgrounds to reach their true potential.

With the support of our teachers, we help students strive to fulfill their academic potential through our extensive programs in the arts, languages, and sciences. Here at Paramount Study, we are dedicated to fostering the intellectual, social and creative potential of our students through a supportive and challenging academic community.

Because of this year’s special situation, Paramount Study is ready to offer different summer camps with innovative and varied programs, including Languages (English, French, Spanish,German, Italian…) Visual Arts camp, Music Camp, STEM Camp.

  • Montreal Branch

    4950 Queen Mary, Suite 001, Montreal

Courses offered by Paramount



Learning Mandarin offers many benefits to students to develop their language skills in everyday life and intercultural knowledge. Paramount Study provides experienced Chinese teachers to students of all ages and all levels.

by Paramount


We offer an enjoyable and effective approach to learning Spanish thanks to our enthusiastic and determined teachers. Students will work on developing their speaking, reading and writing skills.

by Paramount


Our French curriculum does not only satisfy the Quebec Ministry of Education’s requirements for effective oral and written communication but our courses go beyond spelling, grammar and syntax by imparting knowledge on Quebec’s culture.

by Paramount


English is one of Canada’s official languages as well as an important language of international business and trade. It is crucial for students to improve their English fluency in order to compete in the global market.

by Paramount

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