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After spending years in the digital marketing and customized training industries we found that we really enjoyed working with members of the community. We enjoyed not only providing training, but being there as a small business resource.

People were coming to us for digital marketing, webdesign creation, sales training, and tools to help them either start a small business, or improve an existing one.

As a team, we started taking on a lot of these projects. We decided that instead of working in one spectrum of industry vertical, we would expand our offerings to be able to work closer with all members of the community. With that the Vancouver Island Works Project took flight.

The Project is a unique business model that leverages the strengths of our members to provide business consulting, small business services, digital marketing, webdesign, comptia consulting, Microsoft lessons, Adobe lessons, vocational rehabilitation training and computer training to both large and small businesses.

Our vocational rehabilitation training programs are a unique blend of training and confidence building. Anyone changing careers due to an injury or layoff, has had their world shaken.

It is nice for them to work with people who are committed to their success. We believe in providing the best possible skills to our clients so they can succeed in their new careers. We also strive to contribute back to local and small businesses through a stable income that let’s them purchase local goods and services.

At the Project we believe in our community and supporting entrepreneurs with all there business needs. That is why we offer a truly unique blend of webdesign and marketing services, sales training and digital marketing services that is all geared toward empowering small business growth.

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    3450 Uptown Boulevard, Suite 301, Victoria

Courses offered by Vancouver Island Works Project



In this field, the individual will mainly be focused on working with single and double entry systems on paper, or with a computerized system. Bookkeepers will find themselves working with things like daybooks, petty cash, ledgers and journals.

by Vancouver Island Works Project


Accounting focuses on the processing, measurement and communication regarding all financial aspects of a business. Accounting practices can include financial and management accounting, working with different information systems, auditing and tax accounting.

by Vancouver Island Works Project

Microsoft Sharepoint

Microsoft SharePoint is also a portal to run a company intranet site where information can be accessed by anyone within the organization. Permissions can be assigned to different levels of security based on the corporate infrastructure.

by Vancouver Island Works Project

Digital Marketing & WordPress

With many online web development tools like Wix, it is possible for a small business to create their own website over a weekend. The main problem with these cloud based tools is that they do limit creativity, SEO, and the ability to customize the templates without having some advanced knowledge.

by Vancouver Island Works Project

The Foundations of Sales

The Sales Foundations course is designed to introduce students to the basic concepts behind how sales works, and how to integrate proven strategies into their sales toolkit.

by Vancouver Island Works Project

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