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Malay course is offered by Inter-Cultural Language School. Our courses are taught by highly qualified and experienced teachers who are extremely dedicated to ensuring you leave with all the necessary skills to broaden your horizons and never be lost for words again.

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Malay Language

Malay is the national language of Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Brunei. Give it a try and you might find surprise yourself with what you learn.

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Malay Language

Our aim is to be at the forefront of the language education centre, by adopting several modern approaches to promote an international standard of mentoring and teaching our students.

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Bahasa Malaysia

By the end of this 45-hour course, you'll be able to navigate your way around Malaysia with confidence and ease. From making reservations at your favorite local Malaysian spots to ordering a delicious nasi lemak at a bustling restaurant, you'll be able to do it all in Malay.

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At Interactive Language Centre we have been offering English, Malay and Korean courses to individuals and companies since 2007. Over this time we have become a language institute of choice, not only for foreigners, but also for local Malaysians who want to refine their English.

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Malay Language Course

How often do you travel to Malaysia? Would you like to learn some basic Malay to interact with your clients and friends? This is the Malay course that will teach you the language and culture.

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Bahasa Melayu

We offer part-time and full-time courses at the Beginner and Intermediate levels, as well as modular courses in Writing, Speaking, and Grammar in Bahasa Melayu and Mandarin. Our teachers are native speakers with classes available on an individual or group basis.

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Malay is an interesting language: it is the national language of Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei and one of the Top 10 most spoken language in the world. 

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Malay Course

Malay course is offered by KTC Education Group. Focus on higher vocabulary power & communication skills. Long term course or short term Intensive course available.

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Malay Language Course is offered by ASCADEMY Language Courses for all skill levels. To create a flexible and convenient learning experience all our courses are available in traditional classroom setting as well as online.

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