Lebanese cooking classes in the UK is the talk of the hour as research found a five-year growth in the number of Middle Eastern restaurants now open – from 60.7 percent to 270 percent by June 2019. 


Many Foodies in the UK are showing interest in falafel, hummus and kofta to fill their stomachs, according to recent findings by research and consulting companies CGA and AlixPartners. 


When several American, Italian and French eateries have closed amid the crisis, Middle Eastern food has managed to buck the trend.


Lebanese food has always been the choice for the health-conscious as the cuisine is mostly vegetarian along with fresh fruits, fresh fish which grilled or sauteed making it a healthy choice.



Who provides Lebanese cooking classes in the UK?


The various institutes that offer Lebanese cooking classes in the UK are:


1. Migrateful, London

2. Samara Cuisine Limited, Surrey

3. Arabica’s Lebanese Mezze Masterclass, London

4. Dancing Flavors, Bristol

5. The Cookery School, Braxted Park

6. Cookery School, London

7. Demuths Cookery School, Chippenham

8. The Foodworks Cookery School, Glos 


What is the cost of Lebanese cooking classes in the UK?


The following institutes are the most popular places where you can learn Lebanese cooking classes in the UK:






Samara Cuisine Limited


Arabica’s Lebanese Mezze Masterclass


Dancing Flavors


The Cookery School


Cookery School


Demuths Cookery School


The Foodworks Cookery School




What is the average duration of Lebanese cooking classes in the UK?


The Duration of the Lebanese cooking classes in the UK is generally conducted as workshops. They are mainly conducted as one or two-day events. The timing for the workshop is generally between 4-6 hrs.



Why learn Lebanese cuisine in the UK?


The most important factors for why one should take up Lebanese cooking classes in the UK are:


1. Lebanese is the most fast-growing cuisine in the UK. The trend shows the rising popularity every year which provides an array of business and job opportunities.


2. The cuisine is a boon for vegetarians as the food is the freshest fast food. The value for money is great and it encourages sharing which is an important factor in Lebanese culture. 


3. It's one of the few cuisines in the world that give you a huge range of healthy dishes with bright, punchy flavors. In a meze alone, you can have more than 300 different dishes.


4. Demand for health-conscious meals has increased in the recent past.



What will I learn by taking Lebanese cooking classes in the UK?


Lebanese cooking classes in the UK has the following modules:


  • Combination of hands-on and demonstration
  • Professional chef tuition, advice and top tips
  • Lebanese supper
  • Complimentary glass of wine, or Foodworks' homemade elderflower
  • Working in our state of the art, light and airy kitchen
  • Pre-measured ingredients tray
  • Use of Foodworks' apron


Skills Covered:


  • A lot more than a great hummus
  • How to make the perfect flat-bread
  • Labneh making
  • How to work with Lebanese spices
  • Kofta making
  • Pudding making
  • Various cooking techniques
  • Flavor combinations and textures
  • Presentation skills


What jobs can I get as a Lebanese cuisine chef in the UK?


Upon completing the Lebanese cooking classes in the UK  the following job opportunities are available:


  • Private Club and Resort Chef
  • Institutional Food Service.
  • Teacher of Lebanese cuisine
  • Executive Chef
  • Sous Chef
  • Banquet Chef
  • Food Production Manager
  • Purchasing Manager

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