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The demand for sports studies in the UK shot up since 1990. Currently, it has become one of the most promising career choices for sports enthusiasts with a demand for superior expertise in performance analysis, community engagement, and more. 


This is why pursuing sports courses in the UK is extremely fruitful for people that want to build a career in sports. And to that end, there are plenty of sports academies and institutions that cater to the needs of such students. 


Why take Sports classes in the UK?


There are a number of ways how taking Sports classes in the UK can benefit you.


  • Benefits your health - UK being one of the most obese country in the world, sports classes help reduce your risk of obesity, improves heart muscle performance and endurance and also reduces the risk of osteoporosis and breast cancer.


  • Provides a number of career opportunities - Taking Sports or P.E training and certifications in the UK provides you with a number of career opportunities such as a sports coach, sports therapist, PE teacher, etc. 


  • Helps you in your Admission to your preferred University - Almost every University or School in the UK has a special sports quota which adds as an added benefit to your application for higher studies in prestigious schools and Universities.


What is the cost of Sports classes in the UK?


The cost of sports classes in the UK varies from one academy to the other. While short term courses can cost somewhere around GBP 172.5 per term, a full-blown degree program would cost GBP 9250. 


What is the average duration of Sports Courses in the UK?


The average duration of sports courses ranges from one week to three months. There are specialized courses as well that take one year to complete. 


What are the most famous Sports Academies in the UK?


There are a number of academies that offer Sports Courses in the UK. Some of the most famous ones are:


1. Sports Academy Richmond, Richmond

2. HR Sports Academy, London

3. Greenbank Sports Academy, London

4. Paxton Academy, Thornton Health

5. Academy of sports and leisure, Cheltenham

6. Elite Sports Academy, Liverpool

7. Sports Academy Mill Hill, Barnet


What will I learn by taking Sports Courses in the UK?


There are a number of fields from which you can opt if you are taking Sports Courses in the UK. These fields are mentioned below:


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Coaching
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Facility Management
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Parks and Recreation Management
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Photography
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Sport Management
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Sport Medicine
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Sport Psychology
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Broadcasting
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Sport Nutrition
  • Bachelor’s in Leisure Studies
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Sport Marketing
  • Bachelor’s in Sports Analytics
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Personal Fitness Training
  • Bachelor’s in Sports Communication
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Event Management
  • Bachelor’s in Sports Journalism
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Athletic Training
  • Bachelor’s in Sports Media


What jobs can I get after taking Sports Courses in the UK?


You can opt for a number of job titles by taking Sports Courses in the UK such as:


  • Sports coach
  • Sports and exercise psychologist
  • Sports Facility Manager
  • Athletic Director
  • University lecturer
  • Health promotion specialist
  • Personal trainer
  • Sports statistician
  • Sports therapist
  • Sports agents
  • Physical Education teacher

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