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List of available Martial Arts classes in the UK. 

64 course(s) offered by 36 institutes in UK
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Start Tai Chi Logo

Tai Chi Class

Tai Chi Class is offered by Start Tai Chi. Tai Chi is a form of gentle soft exercise suitable for all ages and abilities. Originally from China it was created by a Taoist Monk called Chang San Feng in the 12th Century.

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College of The Third Age Logo

Tai Chi Class

Tai Chi Class is offered by College of The Third Age. The exercises we practise from this system are slow, controlled, relaxed movements.  They are all performed in a standing position

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Heaton Moor Tai Chi Centre Logo

Tai Chi Classes

Relaxed flowing movements to improve and maintain health and well-being. Always welcome to newcomers, beginners, all ages and fitness levels.Improve balance, breathing, coordination, strength, posture, relaxation, heart health and more.

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Gong Fu Concept Logo

T’ai Chi Ch’uan

T’ai Chi Ch’uan is offered by Gong Fu Concept. The root is in the feet,It issues up through the legs,is directed by the waist,and expressed through the fingers.T’ai Chi Ch’uan saying

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Love Tai Chi Logo

Tai Chi (Yang style)

Tai Chi requires no equipment and only minimal space for practise. Even so it is an effective form of exercise that improves body condition, suppleness and strength.

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RukThai Muay Thai Logo

Muay Thai

Training means spirit and mind first behind the physical body. Let go of negative emotions and doings eg hatred, jealousy, frustration, bitterness, anger, lies, grudges, pettiness, blaming, revenge.

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Hurricane Warriors Logo


Hurricane Warriors is a club where you can learn new skills, make friends while you become fitter, stronger and confident. After 21 years many of our young adults training with us today joined as children. Try a class today.

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Safari MMA Logo

Muay Thai

At Safari MMA we believe in uniting people around the world through Martial Arts, regardless of background and culture.

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Hed Taekwondo Logo


Taekwondo Classes are offered by Hed Taekwondo for all skill level. Many of our students train as a family! Everyone benefits from learning the art and quality time together.

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Fight City Gym Logo

Muay Thai

We have 3 Muay Thai training coaches Leon Jason (head coach), Kyron Osborne and Jimi Animashaun. Leon has been competing for over 6 years and has fought on some of the UK’s biggest shows.

Institute by Fight City Gym [ Claim Listing ]
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