Top 10 Lifestyle Courses in UK |


Looking to invest more time in your hobby? Looking for a change of pace in life? There are a lot of lifestyle courses in the UK to help you improve and hone your passions. Some of them are:





Fee (GBP)



4 weeks


Hobbs Pastry Courses

Cake & Pastry

1 day


Royal Drawing School

Drawing and Painting

4 days


Plas Y Brenin


2 - 5 days

349 - 649

Canine Groom School

Pet grooming

20 days


London College of Fashion

Mastering footwear

30 weeks



What are the best schools for Lifestyle courses in the UK?

Here is a list of some of the most famous lifestyle courses in the UK are: 


1. JAB, London (Boxing)

2. Fortis, London (Fitness)

3. Royal Drawing School, Shoreditch (Art)

4. Sunny Art Centre, London 

5. Plas Y Brenin, North Wales (Mountaineering)

6. Canine Groom School, Lancashire (Pet Grooming)

7. FLY, London (Yoga)

8. Rowboats, London (Rowing)


Why should you study lifestyle courses in the UK?


According to a report by Euromonitor, the expenditure on lifestyle products and services is expected to grow at a CAGR of 2.3% during 2019-2023.


This indicates that now is a healthy time to cash in on your passion by selling accessories and services that people would need.


A good way to master your already existing hobby is to enroll in a lifestyle course in the UK. Social Media channels and E-commerce have made it easier than ever to accelerate the sales process.


Enrolling in a lifestyle course can also lead to better overall health for an individual, enabling one to perform better at work.


What is the cost of a lifestyle course in the UK?


The average cost of enrolling for a lifestyle course in the UK can vary from a couple hundred pounds to couple grand, depending on the duration and type of course taken. 


What is the average duration of a lifestyle course in the UK?


Again, the average duration of a lifestyle course can vary from a couple of days to months, depending on the course chosen. 


What jobs can I get in the lifestyle industry in the UK?


Lifestyle courses in the UK enable one or one may choose to independently work as an entrepreneur by either creating a product or a service. One may also choose to switch careers and do a job they love doing. 

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