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Planning to learn Gardening in the UK?


Here is a table of Gardening classes in the UK along with the duration and cost of the course:


Institute Name


Course Name


Course Fee

The English Gardening School


Good Gardening Diploma

1 year


Sue Jeffries Garden Advice & Training


Gardening for Wildlife

2 hours


Glasgow Botanic Gardens


Certificate of Practical Horticulture

10 days


Birkheads Secret Garden


Winter Pruning & Propagation

2 hours


Heeley City Farm


Organic Food Growing

3 hours


University of Bristol Botanic Garden


Seasonal Gardening

4 hours


Royal Botanic Garden


Certificate in Practical Horticulture

10 days


Juliet Sargeant Sussex Garden School


Planting a Prairie Garden

5 hours




Adapted Horticulture for easy Gardening

1 day


Plews Garden Design


Practical Gardening Lessons for Beginners

2-3 sessions




What are the Top Gardening schools in the UK?


1. The English Gardening School, London

2. Sue Jeffries Garden Advice & Training, London

3. Glasgow Botanic Gardens, Glasgow

4. Birkheads Secret Gardens, Newcastle

5. Heeley City Farm, Sheffield

6. University of Bristol Botanic Garden, Bristol

7. Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh

8. Juliet Sargeant Sussex Garden School, Brighton

9. Thrive, Birmingham

10. Plews Garden Design, Kent


What is the cost of Gardening classes in the UK?


As you can see on the table above, the cost of Gardening classes ranges from £15 per class up to £722 for a longer duration of class.



What is the duration of Gardening classes in the UK?


The duration of the Gardening classes may take from 1 day up to 1 year.



What is the salary of a Gardener in the UK?


The average salary of a Gardener in the UK is £19,097 per year, £10.80 average salary per hour with a bonus of £206.

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Oxbridge Home Learning Logo

Garden Design Level 3 Diploma

A gardener’s dream, you’ll make the most of nature by learning the key aesthetics of garden design. Discover the rich history behind the origins of garden design and find how and out where it all began

Online Institute by Oxbridge Home Learning
  • Price
  • Duration
Centre of Excellence Logo

Gardening and Landscape Design Business Diploma Course

The Gardening and Landscape Design Business Diploma Course is designed to take you from beginner to professional, with in-depth information and practical advice that covers everything from gardening techniques and how to design and landscape a garden, to how to set up a business and gain clients

Online Institute by Centre of Excellence
  • Price
  • Duration
Outschool Logo

Introduction to Edible Garden Design

In this one-time class, students can learn the basic principles of edible garden design for any size garden or container!

Online Institute by Outschool
  • Price
  • Duration

Udemy Logo

Aquaponic Gardening: Growing Fish and Vegetables Together

Grow an entire dinner right in your backyard with aquaponics! Safe, healthy fish and organic vegetables with no weeds!

Online Institute by Udemy
  • Price
  • Duration
MasterClass Logo


Gardening course by 'Ron Finley'.

Online Institute by MasterClass
  • Price
  • Duration
Cudoo Logo

Garden Design & Maintenance Diploma

Get the basics you need to start your own gardening company or boost your career within the gardening industry.

Online Institute by Cudoo
  • Price
  • Duration
ExpertRating Logo

Gardening Course

This course is your practical guide to licensing, site preparation, equipment, how and where to find supplies, how to select and produce plants appropriate to your climate zone, how to produce quality material and, most importantly, how to market your product.

Online Institute by ExpertRating
  • Price
  • Duration

International Open Academy Logo

Growing Food in Small Gardens

You are what you eat. And what you eat can be what you grow! Take our course to learn how to grow vegetables in small spaces!

Online Institute by International Open Academy
  • Price
  • Duration
Skillshare Logo

Easy Gardening: Indoor Edible Plants

Easy Gardening: Indoor Edible Plants course with Sunny Green

Online Institute by Skillshare
  • Price
  • Duration
Udemy Logo

Gardening Know How: DIY Garden Design

Create your own custom garden design, using the same techniques as the pros!

Online Institute by Udemy
  • Price
  • Duration
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