Planning to learn Dutch language in the UK?


Here is a table of Dutch Language classes in the the UK  along with the duration and cost of the course:


Institute Name


Course Name


Course Fee

Dutch Language School

Oxford, UK

Dutch Beginner course

11 weeks


Cactus Language Courses

London, UK

Dutch Beginner 1

5 weeks


University of Manchester

Manchester, UK

Dutch course

23 weeks


£570 / £360


Dutch 4 Beginners

Nottingham, UK

Dutch Lessons

1 lesson

5 lessons

£30 per person/hr

£27 per person/hr

The Language Centre

New Castle, UK


15 hours



King’s College

London, UK

Dutch (Level 1, Level 2)

15 hours

£140 - £210

City Lit

London, UK


10 weeks



University of Westminster

Westminster, UK

Dutch Lower


Part I, II, III

£550 for Parts 1,2,3 together

Simon & Simon

Cambridge, UK

Dutch Language Course

30 hours per week


Queen’s University

Belfast, UK

Dutch (Level 1 & 2)

10 weeks



What are the Top Dutch Language centers in the UK?


1. Dutch Language School, Oxford, UK

2. Cactus Language Courses, London, UK

3. The University of Manchester, Manchester, UK

4. Dutch 4 Beginners, Nottingham, UK

5. The Language Centre, New Castle, UK

6. King's College, London, UK

7. City Lit, London, UK

8. University of Westminster, Westminster, UK

9. Simon & Simon, Cambridge, UK

10. Queen's University, Belfast, UK


What is the cost of Dutch Language courses in the UK?


As you can see on the table shown above, there are different fees for Dutch Language courses.


The average cost for this course is from £24 to £570. Some institutes offer the course per hour for £24, £27 and £30.


What is the duration of Dutch Language courses in the UK?


The duration of the course varies from each institute, some offer it for hours, like from 15 hours to 160 hours. Some offer it from 5 weeks up to 23 weeks of full term. You can also take this course per 1 lesson, 5 lessons or 10 lessons.


What is the salary of a Translator in the UK?


The average salary of a Translator in the UK is £23,253 with an average hourly rate of £15.06 with a bonus of £612.

19 course(s) offered by institutes in UK
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Learn Dutch in Dutch 2 (The Dutch Language for Beginners)

Immerse yourself step by step into Dutch: translate and speak Dutch, learn Flemish pronunciation with an online course

Online Institute by Udemy
  • Price
  • Duration
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Learn Intermediate Dutch in Dutch 5 (Understand More (B1)

Learn more Dutch in this NT2 language course made for intermediate students, with many exercises and audio files

Online Institute by Udemy
  • Price
  • Duration
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Learn Dutch in Dutch 3 (Master the 1000 Most Used Words)

Understand and apply the 1000 most common Dutch words, immerse yourself and learn Dutch phrases and expressions

Online Institute by Udemy
  • Price
  • Duration

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Learn Dutch in Dutch 4 (Intermediate Dutch Language (B1)

Foreigner? In this Dutch course you will follow Dutch lessons for advanced students, at the intermediate level.

Online Institute by Udemy
  • Price
  • Duration
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Learn Dutch in Dutch 1 (The Dutch Language for Beginners)

Learn step by step how to speak Dutch, with the Flemish accent. Total immersion guaranteed. Includes downloadable MP3s.

Online Institute by Udemy
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  • Duration
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Dutch language course is offered by The Language Centre for all skill level. We have courses from beginners to very advanced students, taught by experienced native speakers or teachers who have spent part of their lives in one of the countries where the language is spoken.

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Dutch Language Courses

Learn Dutch with our Dutch language courses, which are delivered using a proven learning method.

Cheapest Institute by Cactus [ Claim Listing ]

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Dutch Class

Dutch is closely related to the English and German languages. In fact, some say it’s the easiest foreign language for native English speakers to learn! Some English words, like apple, green, yacht, and freight, come directly from the Dutch language.

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Dutch Courses

Dutch is spoken by around 25 million people worldwide, mainly in the Netherlands and Belgium but also in parts of South America and the Caribbean islands of Aruba, Curaçao and Sint Maarten.

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Dutch Language Courses

The official Dutch language, Standard Dutch, knows many variants and dialects. For example, in Suriname and Belgium (Flemish) the language varies in accent and pronunciation. The classroom is a perfect place to exchange stories and experiences.

Cheapest Institute by King’s College London [ Claim Listing ]
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