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Why You Should Learn Henna Courses in the United Kingdom?


Taking a professional henna course in the United Kingdom will help you in grooming your existing henna skills as well as teach you the advanced methods of applying henna for different occasions such as weddings, birthdays, bridal showers and baby showers. 


Becoming a certified henna artist in the United Kingdom will contribute towards your success as clients will be attracted towards hiring someone who is a professional henna artist and has completed his or her certification from a well-known henna coaching centre in the UK.


Affordable Henna Courses/Classes

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Average Price

Average Duration


Depending on the modules


4 days



What is the Average Price Range of Henna Course in The United Kingdom?


As mentioned above, the average price of a henna course actually depends on the level of teaching henna art to students, the location of that particular henna coaching centre and the experience of the henna tutor. 


If you are participating in a henna course that is managed by a self-taught henna artist then chances are that you will be learning at a fair budget of £50.


However, learning under the supervision of a professional and educated henna expert may cost you more around £800 but there is definitely no doubt of anything missing out. As a balance, you will be given complete training on applying henna. The only difference is the use of technology and resources.


What is the Average Duration of Henna Courses in the UK?


The average duration of a henna course in the United Kingdom as mentioned above is four days for an extensive henna course by a well-known professional henna academy. Other henna academies usually teach for at least twenty sessions of henna training consisting of a duration of two hours per session. 


In this way, you will be able to grasp the basic concept of applying henna pretty fast as compared to learning everything on your own. Make sure to check out the list below for all the awesome henna courses and coaching centres that are available in the UK!


What are the most Famous Henna Academies in the UK?


There are many famous henna academies located in different cities of the United Kingdom, including London, Bristol, Liverpool and Glasgow. Some of these henna academies are mentioned below:


1. Sweta Vajir in London

2. Ash Kumar Beauty

3. Henna Pixie in various parts of the UK


What will I Learn by Taking Henna Courses in the UK?


By becoming a certified henna expert you will learn different objectives of applying henna as well as get access to private and theoretical lessons. You will be given a step by step guide as in:


  • Learning the technique of making and preparing a henna paste and cone
  • You will learn the most required henna application for different number of designs such as basic henna, Arabic henna, Tattoos and Glitter henna as well
  • You will also learn all about the aftercare procedure of applying henna


What Jobs I can get after taking Henna Courses in the UK?


A henna expert in the United Kingdom can be hired as:


  •  A professional henna artist
  •  Henna tattoo digital designer
  •  Mandala specialist
  •  Basic henna artist for weddings, parties and other special occasions

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Henna Brow Styling

Our Henna Brow Styling Course is designed to teach you one of the most popular beauty treatments currently offered within the industry.

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Confident Henna from Start to Finish

Confident Henna from Start to Finish Course with Laura Pennock

Online Institute by Skillshare
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Learn The Art of Henna From The Comfort of Your Home

Learn how to make your own henna also known as mendhi/mehendi and create beautiful temporary tattoos

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