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A Bachelor of Education degree provides multiple opportunities to students such as professions in stenography, assistant professor, librarian and most fields where someone wishes to work alongside the education circle. 



Why get a BEd degree in the US?


  • America is the hub of education and premiere Ivy Leagues. Getting trained by professional veterans in order to become one yourself in the future through a BEd degree is a perfect combination of the degree with respect to its location.
  • Based on your financial status, you can choose from among private, public or community colleges/Universities to initiate your course program. So you have different options to choose from in terms of affordability.


What is the cost of a BEd degree in the US?


When you're looking online for a comprehensive understanding of funds required for your BEd course in the USA, always look through locations. 


For your reference on the costs of BEd degree in USA, refer to this table below to get the idea.





Yale University

BEd course


Michigan State University

BEd course


Texas University

BEd course

$17880 / year


What is the average duration of a BEd course in the US?


Your BEd course in the US will take 4 years to complete the degree. 


What are the most famous BEd Universities in US?


The following are some of the most well-known universities for studying BEd course in the US:


1. The University of Maryland

2. New York University, NYC 

3. Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana

4. The University of Washington, Seattle, Washington 

5. The University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

6. The University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

7. The University of California, Los Angeles


What will I learn by taking a BEd course in the US?


  • Health and Physical Education.
  • Elementary Education.
  • Special Needs Education. 
  • Guidance & Counselling.
  • Holistic Education. 
  • Academic Culture and Human Values. 


What jobs I can get with a BEd degree in the US?


After completing your BEd course in the USA, you can have the following job titles in your career.


  • Special Education Teacher.
  • Elementary Teacher.
  • Librarian.
  • Online Courses Corresponder. 
  • Content Writer.
  • Associate Professor. 

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