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While the popularity of BBA courses have made it more flexible for students to seek admission, the competition in the process has certainly raised the bar for cut-offs, criteria, and ever-changing list of the top universities.


Here is all you need to know if you are planning to go for a BBA degree in the US.


Why get BBA degree from US?


  • USA is the hub of tech, entrepreneurship and a strong startup culture. With a multitude of small and medium sized companies that are launched every day, your expertise as a business analyst is a demanding skill for these new companies.
  • USA is also home to the biggest companies of the world in the field of science, pharma, banking, technology and education. Every industry is a business and your core niche business specialization makes you stand out from competition and makes your opportunities for a great career in Fortune 500 feasible when you are a BBA graduate from USA.
  • With companies of US - big or small - offering internship opportunities to BBA graduates, you get an early access to understanding the corporate world and network with these giant companies in order to secure your future.


What is the cost of BBA degree in US?


While opting for a BBA course in the US, you have to keep in mind the additional factors that add up to the cost of studying there. 


  • Scholarship: As a deserving student, you can bag a scholarship for your education program, thus reducing your tuition fee for BBA program in USA.
  • University Type: Between public and private Universities offering BBA degrees in the USA, the former becomes more affordable out of the two. 


University Name



The University of Virginia

Bachelor of Economics


Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Bachelor in Business Administration


The University of Maryland

Bachelor in Marketing



What is the average duration of BBA degree in US?


You can complete the BBA course in the US within 4 years and opt for internships or full-time employment opportunities. 


What are the most famous BBA Universities in US?


Here’s a list of Top 8 Universities offering BBA degree in the USA.


1. Harvard Business School, Boston.

2. Wharton School, Philadelphia.

3. Stern School of Business, New York.

4. The University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson.

5. Ross School of Business, Ann Arbor.

6. Booth School of Business, Chicago.

7. MIT Sloan, Cambridge.

8. Hult International Business School, Cambridge.


What will I learn by taking BBA course in the US?


You can choose from the following fields for the BBA course in the US.


  • Human Resource Management.
  • International Business.
  • BBA in marketing.
  • Environmental Management.
  • BBA in Digital Marketing.


What jobs I can get with BBA degree in the US?


After completing your BBA course in the US, you can opt for the following professional industries:


  • Financial Advisor: As a financial advisor, you can help people or companies allocate and manage their money and make proper decisions with their resources.
  • Commodities Trader: Under this profession, you'll need to be well-versed with the market. A commodity trader work with commodity contracts of various products on behalf of establishments and brands.
  • Loan Officer: You'll make decisions regarding authorization of loans, their approval or denial to business or even individuals.
  • Digital Marketing Manager: If your specialization in your BBA program is that of Technology, you can target this highly paid role where you assist the company’s customer acquisition and brand presence through Social Media and Advertising

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