Planning to learn Dutch Language in the US?


Here is a table of Dutch Language classes in the US along with the duration and cost of the course:


Institute Name


Course Name


Course Fee

ABC Language

New York, NY

Dutch Private Lessons

6 hours

12 hours

$450 / $570

The Boston Language Institute

Boston, MA

Dutch Language

6 weeks

For all levels



Los Angeles, CA

Dutch Classes

20 hours

12 hours



Language Trainers

Orlando, FL

Dutch Course

10 hours

20 hours



De Nederlandse School in Bethesda

Bethesda, MD


30 weeks

$635 (all materials included)


Gillette, NJ

Dutch Language

10 months

$2750 - annual

International Language Institute

Washington, DC


40 hours



Beverly Hills Lingual School

Beverly Hills, CA

Dutch Class

8 weeks


Language Loop

Chicago, IL

Dutch (Busy Loop, Weekday Intensive)

10 or 5 weeks


University of Minnesota

Minnealpolis, MN






What are the Top Dutch Language institutes in the US?


1. ABC Language, New York, NY

2. The Boston Language Institute, Boston, MA

3. STROMMEN, Los Angeles, CA

4. Language Trainers, Orlando, FL

5. De Nederlandse School in Bethesda, Bethesda, MD

6. Klokhuis, Gillette, NJ

7. International Language Institute, Washington, DC

8. Beverly Hills Lingual School, Beverly Hills, CA

9. Language Loop, Chicago, Il

10. University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN


What is the cost of Dutch Language courses in the US?


As shown in the table above, you can see that different prices are available for Dutch Language courses in the US.


Some offer the course for Private or Family class that ranges from $450 to $1575 and from $570 to $2050, respectively. You can also see on the table that Group classes are way affordable for only $260 than Private classes for $700.


Some institutes offer it per hour of $50, $48, $30 and $75 depending on how many students will attend the class. For an annual fee it is $2750 while for a semi-annual fee it will be $1387.50.


While other institutes don’t provide information about the cost, you may contact them directly thru call or email, you just have to visit their website (website link is included).


What is the duration of Dutch Language courses in the US?


The duration of Dutch Language course in the US is from 1 week to 40 weeks (10 months) while other institutes offer it for 6 hours up to 40 hours.


What is the salary of a Dutch Language Teacher in the US?


The salary of a Dutch Language Teacher in the US is $46,276 per year with an additional cash compensation with an average of $1,946 and the range is from $246 to $5,420.

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International Centre for Language Studies Logo


Dutch language course is offered by International Centre for Language Studies.

Cheapest by International Centre for Language Studies [ Claim Listing ]
Language Door Logo


Language Door’s expert teachers offer in-depth knowledge to students of all ages and help them learn their preferred languages without any hassles.

Cheapest by Language Door [ Claim Listing ]
Berlitz Logo


When you want to learn Dutch fast, there is no better option than Berlitz. Our immersive methods for learning a new language will have you speaking Dutch during your first lesson!

Cheapest by Berlitz [ Claim Listing ]
ABC Languages Logo


Whether you’re a traveler planning a dream trip along the canals of Amsterdam or a hopeless romantic hoping to impress your Schatje from Suriname, we have a Dutch class that’ll help you achieve your goals.

by ABC Languages [ Claim Listing ]
  • Price
  • Duration
  • Location

Columbia University Language Resource Center Logo


The Dutch language provides access to a rich and complex culture and history. Although many Dutch speakers also know English, one must speak Dutch to truly understand and engage with Dutch culture and the regions where it is spoken.

Cheapest by Columbia University Language Resource Center [ Claim Listing ]
Atlanta Institute of Language Logo


Dutch language course is offered by Atlanta Insitute of Language for all skill level. Our group classes are a fun and interactive option to learn a new language. Small class sizes mean lots of personal attention and opportunity to practice your skills.

Cheapest by Atlanta Institute of Language [ Claim Listing ]

Atlanta International Language Institute Logo


Dutch language course is offered by Atlanta International Language Institute.The Atlanta International Language Institute (AILI) offers local Atlanta language classes in over 20 languages, holds corporate training for language learning, and provides translations and interpretation services.

Cheapest by Atlanta International Language Institute [ Claim Listing ]
Strommen Logo


With a Strommen teacher you will speak Dutch on the first class. A private session is more effective, efficient and convenient than enrolling in a group class.

by Strommen [ Claim Listing ]
  • Price
  • Duration
  • Location
Beverly Hills Lingual Institute Logo

Learn Dutch

We offer Dutch classes for all levels of students, and take pride in providing L.A.'s premier Dutch instruction, with highly educated, native-speaking Dutch teachers and university texts.

Cheapest by Beverly Hills Lingual Institute [ Claim Listing ]
Language Loop Logo

Learn Dutch

Learn dutch at language loop in chicago.Dutch and english share a lot of vocabulary.

Cheapest by Language Loop [ Claim Listing ]
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