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American English Pronunciation (Accent Reduction Made Easy)

Step By Step Guide To Master The American Accent! Taught By Expert Award Winning Broadway Voice Coach

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Accent Reduction

All English Island Accent Reduction courses are taught by experienced, highly-trained, and passionate educators who specialize in the specific English language skills necessary to communicate effectively in a professional environment.

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American Accent Training

Your first one-on-one session is with Lisa, and the following ten sessions are with one of our experienced instructors trained in the Accurate English method. All instructors hold MA or PhD degrees. 

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Accent Reduction

Our Accent Reduction course are designed for those who want to improve their pronunciation, speak more clearly, and be better understood.

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Accent Reduction

It is designed for those who want to improve their pronunciation, speak more clearly, and be better understood. A diagnostic test will be given to students before the course begins to determine their errors and provide them with opportunities to learn and master the sounds and patterns of English.

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Accent Reduction Program

Accent Reduction is a separate program designed to cultivate an awareness of American English pronunciation. The objective of the course is to enhance clarity of speech for non-native speakers of English and build confidence in communication skills.

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American English Pronunciation: Accent Reduction Made Easy

Welcome to the Accent Reduction Gym! The ONLY way we can learn the American Accent is to retrain our tongue and soft palette muscles to create these American sounds and rhythms that your body is just not used to making.

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