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Planning to learn the Urdu language in the USA?


Here is a table of Urdu language courses in the USA along with the duration and cost of the course:


Institute Name


Course Name


Course Fee

The Boston Language Institute


Introductory Urdu Language and Culture

6-week or 4-week


International Language Institute (ILI)


Urdu Group Classes

10 weeks long

$360 per level

Beverly Hills Lingual Institute

Beverly Hills

Learn Urdu in Los Angeles

(eight weeks), one day (80 minutes) per week.

$295 Per Term

Merrimack Language School


Urdu Language Classes

6-week progressive programs


Listen & Learn USA

New York

Urdu Lessons

60 hours


ABC Languages

New Jersey

Urdu Language Lessons in New Jersey

24-hour package


Language Trainers

New Jersey

Urdu Courses

50 hours

$1325 ($26.50/hour)

Jacques International Language Academy


Urdu Language Course

12 Hours


Indus Arts Council


Adult Urdu Classes

8 Session in a month




Learn Urdu

30 Lessons




What are the Top Urdu language centers in the USA?


1. Beverly Hills Lingual Institute, Beverly Hills, California

2. Listen & Learn USA, New York, NY

3. The Boston Language Institute, Beacon Street, Boston

4. Jacques International Language Academy, Chicago, Illinois

5. ABC Languages, New Jersey

6. Merrimack Language School, Lowell, Massachusetts

7. International Language Institute (ILI), Washington, DC

8. Indus Arts Council, Midtown Arts & Theater Center Houston

9. Pimsleur, Concord, MA

10. New York University, Washington Square South, (enter at 255 Sullivan Street), New York, NY



What is the cost of an Urdu language course in the USA?


The average cost of Urdu language courses in the US is $645. Based on the high and low cost ratio, the cost can go as high as $1595 for the entire training where an online course might cost you $24.99 for 28 Urdu language lessons.



What is the duration of the Urdu language course in the US?


The average duration of the Urdu language course in the US is 48 hours depending on the type (online, in-class) or level (beginners, intermediate, advanced) of these Urdu language courses.



What is the salary of an Urdu teacher in the US?


The average salary of an Urdu language teacher in the USA is $60K.

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