Planning to learn the Quran in the US?


Here is a table of Quran classes in the US along with the duration and cost of the course:


Institute Name


Course Name


Course Fee

Usmania Quran Academy


Quran Learning

45 minutes to 1 month

$30  - $160

eRaza Online Academy

New York

Quran Learning

1 month

$34 - $68

An Noor Quran Academy

North Carolina

Quran Learning

12 months

$5,292 - $5,880

IQRAA Academy of San Diego


Haafith Program

1 week - 1 month

$40 - $80

Arabic Learning Center



Arabic classes and programs

45 minutes - 1 hour

$40 - $800

Houston Quran academy


The Holy Quran memorization program

12 months


Evergreen Islamic Center


EIC Weekend Islamic School

12 months


California Islamic University


Arabic I - Beginning Arabic



SALAM Islamic Center


Learn to read the Quran Level 1 & 2



Darul Uloom Austin


Quran Memorization

1 month



Top Quran Learning Schools in the US


1. Usmania Quran Academy - Richmond, Texas

2. eRaza Online Academy - Brooklyn, New York

3. An Noor Quran Academy - Raleigh, North Carolina

4. IQRAA Academy of San Diego - San Diego, California

5. Arabic Learning Center Cupertino - Cupertino, California

6. Houston Quran academy - Houston, Texas

7. Evergreen Islamic Center - San Jose, California

8. California Islamic University - Fullerton, California

9. SALAM Islamic Center - Sacramento, California

10. Darul Uloom Austin - Austin, Texas


Cost of Quran courses in the US.


As the table shows, Quran Learning in the US may cost from $30 up to $5,880.


  • $30 may be considered as the cheapest price in taking a Quran Learning class in the US, which is good for a week of session.
  • On the other hand, Quran Learning in the US may cost up to $5,880 which is good for 12 months of learning.
  • There are variations that affect the price of taking a Quran Learning class in the US. One of those is the duration. It can be by number of minutes per session ($30 - $40), hours per session ($800 and up), weeks ($40 and up), and months ($34 - $5,880)


Duration of Quran courses in the US.


Based on the table, taking a Quran Learning Class in the US has different options when it comes to duration. It can be by number of minutes per session, hours per session, weeks, and months.


  • The shortest duration is for 45 minutes
  • The longest duration is for 12 months


Salary of an Arabic And Quran Teacher in the US.


The average salary of a Quran Teacher in the US is £22,435.

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