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The beauty industry in the United States of America is considered one of the biggest and famous in the world. The proof is, Instagram! You will definitely not find as many makeup tutorials that are published on Instagram every day by famous makeup bloggers like Nikkei’s Tutorials, Jeffree Star, Jaclyn Hill, James Charles, Farah Dhukai and a lot more who are located in different cities of the USA.


These bloggers have thousands and millions of followers on Instagram. You can also be one of these bloggers if you join a professional makeup academy in the USA.


Around 82% of the women in America believe that when they wear makeup it makes them feel more confident about themselves. This is because makeup enhances their beauty and that beauty helps in boosting their self-confidence. Learning makeup is essential for every makeup lover and for this purpose, we have collected different makeup academies that are available in the United States of America.


Americans have been observed to spend around $9.5 billion on makeup products. There are numerous makeup brands which are divided into two categories; drugstore and high-end. The drugstore products are affordable but high-end brands can go above $100 per eyeshadow palette.


This means that you have a lot of options in buying makeup from the USA. If you want to learn how to do makeup but struggling to do so, then worry no more, find the most convenient makeup academies near you in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, Boston and other cities.


These makeup academies are both affordable and high-standard depending on the level of expertise of the makeup experts. You can find a good makeup academy anywhere in the USA namely; Makeup Forever Academy NYC, Online Makeup Academy, Academy of Freelance Makeup NYC, AMA Artist Makeup Academy, Michael Vincent Academy and many others.


The price of an intensive makeup course in America can cost you anywhere from around $500 to $3,000. The duration of these makeup courses can be around two days to two weeks at the maximum.


You can also learn makeup under the supervision of famous brands like MAC, Makeup Forever, YSL, Sephora and many others! These brands have their own makeup academies that teach professional makeup.


By learning how to do makeup you are more likely to secure a good spot in the growing industry of makeup in America. You will learn about the latest trends and styles of makeup in a full package that is provided by the makeup classes.


Make sure that you have fulfilled all the requirements of the makeup academy you are about to join so that the rest of the journey becomes easier for you.


Once you have started your makeup course, you can use your skills in many ways such as a freelance makeup artist, a beauty blogger, take up a job in a famous makeup salon, teach makeup to others and join a high-end makeup brand.


There are many types of bloggers that are ruling over the makeup industry on social media. The income of an influencer is typically $16.46 per hour, social media blogger is reported to earn $13.61 per hour and an influencer can earn up to $16.46 per hour.


This means that you have great chances of earning a good income if you join a potential makeup academy today. So search away and explore your options from the list of different makeup academies in the USA given below!

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