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Are you looking for Welding Technology and Safety courses in Australia?


Here are the Top 10 Welding Technology and Safety courses in Australia.

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Basic Welding Course

Our Basic Welding course is designed for students with little or no experience. Experienced students will able to go through the RPL path which requires

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MIG Welding

This course is for beginners who want to learn the basics of MIG welding. We will teach you how to set up a machine and all necessary information to have you produce sound welds.

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Welding Supervisors Certificate

Outsource Institute (AUS) delivers the Welding Supervisors Certificate 10 Program in partnership with Weld Australia.

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Welding For Beginners

Ever wanted to know how to join two pieces of metal together? Create a cool sculpture or piece of furniture? Or just wanted to wear the cool mask? Welding for Beginners is for you.

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Introduction To Welding (Mig, Arc And Oxyacetylene)

Upon completion of this course participants will be able to: Identify the basic technology relating to welding Recognise and carry out safe practices Deposit beads, butt and fillet welds using different techniques

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Dissimilar Metal Welding

This course provides the skills and knowledge required to join together two metals that possess different chemical or mechanical properties, and so aren’t necessarily a natural fit for each other. The training is workplace/site-specific and is customised to the requirements of the customer.

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MIG Welding Fundamentals

In this half day introductory course you will be taught basic knowledge and skills to set up a MIG welder.

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Basic Welding

This course provides participants with knowledge and skills to undertake basic welding practices using MIG, TIG and stick welding.

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Metalwork: Intro to Welding

Whet your welding appetite! When learning a new skill it is always best to start with the fundamentals, and for welding that is the MIG. This 3-hour taster class will introduce you to the process of welding and then give you some hands on experience running beads.

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Welding for Beginners

Beginners learn gas-less mig welding of mild steel, on inverter machines. The class will learn all the basic welding techniques required to work on small construction and art projects. Also, the many traps in buying your own machine will be discussed.

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