Butler Training Course

by Sam Hospitality Academy

On-site 5-Day Butler Training to Ultra-Luxury Game Lodges, Hotels, Resorts, & Luxury Villas


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5 Hours

Course Details

This is the best butler training course to unltra-luxury game/ safari lodges, hotels, resorts and luxury villas.

The butler service forms part of the most aspect of delivering personalized service to guests in some hospitality establishments. 

Our 7 star butler service training provides an intensive and unique approach which seeks to equip your team of Butlers with the skills to provide 7 Star Service.


How Long is the 7 Star Butler Training? 

Our 7 Star butler training takes 5 days and is delivered on-site/ in-house to ultra-luxury game lodges, resorts, hotels and luxury villas. 


What Topics Does the 7 Star Butler Training Cover?

Our 7 star butler training covers the following topics:

  • The Duties and Responsibilities of a Hotel Butler

  • Guest Pre-arrival Preparation

  • Guest Arrival Procedure

  • Butler's Evening Service

  • Butler Service During Guest’s Stay

  • Butler’s Preparation Before Guest’s Check-Out

  • Hotel Facilities and Services

  • VIP Guests and Executive Areas

  • Table Service

  • Beverage Service

  • Wine Service

  • Butler's Housekeeping Duties

  • Guest Wardrobe Management


The Duties and Responsibilities of a Hotel Butler

Here are the duties and responsibilities of a Hotel butler:

  • Be present when in welcoming the guests. Some resorts, hotels and game lodges welcome guests in their own traditional way. That is the time when the guest is introduced to their butler.
  • The butler takes the guests to their butler suites and assists them with luggage. 
  • The butler shows the guests the butler suite, including meal times, in-room amenities, etc
  • The butler makes meal reservations for his/ her guests.
  • The resort butler serves meals, beverages and wine to the guests.
  • Arranges guests’ wardrobe, including packing, ironing, etc.
  • According to the guests’ preferences, meals and beverages can be served in a common area or in a different area. 
  • The butler must book activities for guests.
  • If needed, the butler must set up a romantic dinner his/ her guests.
  • The butler may perform turn down service for the guests and or/ run a romantic bath for the guests.
  • Working with all departments (housekeeping, food and beverage, game rangers, etc.) to meet guests’ needs.
  • Ensure guests’ suites are clean and tidy up when necessary.
  • Advise guests of dinner times and activities to look up to.
  • Personally see guests off on check-out and ensure that they have a smooth send-off
  • Keep up-to-date on all resort’s policies on safety and hygiene.
  • Perform all duties with discretion, professionalism and a pleasant demeanor.


Guest Pre-arrival Preparation:

The butler's guest pre-arrival preparation training includes the following: 

  • Ensure that guests' preferences are provided upon arrival to the resort, including choice of beverages, etc. 
  • Offering pre-arrival butler forms for guests to fill out, ensuring that the butler is prepared for any special requests such as dietary restrictions, babysitting needs, or special occasions.
  • Arranging airport transfers for the guests. 
  • Preparing registration forms for guests.
  • Preparing welcome cocktail and refreshing towels for guests.


Guest Arrival Procedure:

The butler's guest arrival procedure training includes the following:

  • Meeting, greeting and offering the guests refreshing towels
  • Providing welcome drinks or cocktails for the guests.
  • Offering private check in for guests.
  • Ensuring that the guest's accommodation is ready.
  • The butler also handles guest's private check-in comfortably in their suite.
  • Introducing guests to their suite facilities, including in room beverages, how TV, air conditioner works and all other important information that will make the guest’s stay comfortable. 
  • Unpacking the guest’s luggage as necessary.
  • Pressing the guests' first night clothing.
  • Enquiring about the guest's dinner times and preferences.


Butler's Evening Service:

Our butler's evening service training includes the following:

  • Bringing the guests’ amenities before dinner.
  • Escorting guests to the restaurant for dinner where they have reserved a beautifully decorated table. 
  • Ensuring that the guests' suite is turned down and has all the amenities of the night. Resort suite turn-down includes removing cushions from the bed, folding the duvet, closing curtains, laying gown/ bathrobes and slippers on either sides of the bed, switching on the aircon to the desired temperature, laying the breakfast menu and chocolates on top of each pillow, putting still water on each side of the bed, switching off main lights and switching on bedside lamps, etc. Turndown service varies from one resort to the other.


Butler Service During Guest’s Stay:

Our butler service during guest's stay training includes the following:

  • Making all dinner reservations, tour bookings, on property activities e.g. bowling, spa treatments, etc.
  • Serving beverages to guests while they are lounging by the pool, or beach, etc.
  • Supplying the guests with a cooler stocked with favorite beverages. 
  • Serving lunch while the guests are lounging by the pool or beach.
  • Arranging romantic dinner for his/ her guests.
  • Assessing and replenishing wines, spirits and other guest amenities as needed.
  • Communicating with housekeeping to ensure rooms are cleaned at the most convenient time for guests.
  • Providing turn-down service as necessary
  • Ensuring guests’ rooms are clean and tidy up when necessary.
  • Recommending and arrange amenities for guests.
  • Keeping guests up-to-date on all resort policies on safety and hygiene.
  • Tending the guests' wardrobe.
  • Handling guests’ laundry service.


Butler’s Preparation Before Guest’s Check-Out:

The butler's preparation for guest's check-out training includes the following:

  • Ensuring that guests' luggage is brought up to the departure area.
  • Processing paperwork for check-out. 
  • Escorting the guests to transportation and bidding farewell. 
  • The hotel facilities and services
  • Courtesy bar / lounge
  • Room service
  • Breakfast & dinner
  • Local Services        
  • News Issues
  • Demonstrating facilities
  • Laundry services
  • Pressing services
  • Polishing shoes


VIP Guests and Executive Areas:

Our VIP guests and executive areas training includes the following:

  • Dealing with VIP guests
  • Packing procedures
  • Interrelationship of cost, time and stock Levels
  • Bar set-up
  • Food service
  • Serving cold beverages
  • Serving drinks off a tray
  • Presenting and opening a bottle of wine
  • Tasting and Pouring Wine
  • Opening a bottle of champagne or sparkling wine
  • Maintaining stock levels
  • Tidiness and cleanliness of guest areas
  • Tidying up the guest bedroom
  • Towel origami and replacing used towels
  • Cleaning the bathroom and shower
  • Replacing bathroom amenities
  • VIP turn-down service


Table Service:

  • Prep – mise-en-place

  • Service items and equipment

  • Table set up

  • Napkin folding

  • Silver service

  • A la carte service

  • Set menu service

  • Carrying trays

  • Carrying plates

  • Serving and arranging food

  • Use of service cutlery and equipment


Beverage Service:

  • Beverage knowledge

  • Glasses and their uses

  • In room bar set up

  • Restocking and checklist

  • Preparing garnishes

  • Stock rotation

  • Stock take

  • Glass storage

  • Environmental control

  • Serving drinks

  • Serving cocktails


Butler's Housekeeping Duties:

  • Turn down service & Romantic Room Set up

  • The art of towel folding 

  • Bed turn-down and placing amenities

  • In-room bar set up

  • Tidiness and cleanliness of guest room

  • Cleaning the guest bathroom and shower

  • Replacing bathroom amenities

  • VIP Room procedure


Guest Wardrobe Management:

  • Hanging procedure

  • Laundry Service

  • Ironing and Pressing service

  • Polishing service

  • Packing and unpacking Procedures

  • Dealing with VIP Guests

  • Tidiness and cleanliness of guest areas


Butler service has become a signature for most luxury resorts,  hotel brands, luxury villas and high end game lodges. 

Butlers ensure your guests’ memorable stay and are trained to always exceed the guest's expectations. Butlers are trained to take gentle care of all their guests from arrival until departure without imposing themselves on the guest. 


Here are the components of 7 Stars of Service:

  • Exceptional attention to detail

  • Excellent skills in anticipating guests’ needs

  • Attentive interaction to fulfill guests’ special requests

  • Achieve a seamless and distinctive level of service

  • Unparalleled service, transcending the expectation of guests

  • Indulging guests with thoughtful and unexpected touches of luxury

  • Creating a memorable experience through personalized service


Whether you would like us to train your existing butlers on 7 Star Service or you would like us to help you set up the Butler Service Department, we would like to partner with you to provide butler service training that will make you proud.

We offer our 7 Star Butler Training in all provinces of South Africa and well as other countries. 

  • Pretoria Central Branch

    Ultrama Building 277 Bosman Street, Pretoria Central, Pretoria
  • Benoni Branch

    30381 Sigalo Street Daveyton Ext. 2, Daveyton, Benoni, Johannesburg
  • Teacher's Name
  • Sam
  • Teacher's Experience
  • 20 Years Experience in the Hospitality Field
  • Gender
  • Male
  • Teacher's Nationality
  • N/A

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