Advanced Logistics & Operations Management

by PSM College

Provides companies with a leading edge to profit in local and international markets through higher quality, improved customer service, better performance and lower cost.

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5 Days

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Course Contents:

  • The professional management of the operations and logistics function is vital to the survival and growth of every business enterprise.

  • Provides companies with a leading edge to profit in local and international markets through higher quality, improved customer service, better performance and lower cost.

  • Instruction is highly participative, with the emphasis on case studies and group work. Our Training Facilitators are experienced senior managers within the supply chain profession.



  • 5 days full-time (weekdays) or 12 weeks part-time (Saturday mornings) or 2-12 months by correspondence. The average learner will need approximately 145 hours consisting of 48 hours of tuition and 97 hours for readings and assignments, to successfully complete the programme.



  • 12 written assignments (one following the completion of each learning module) and 1 final written examination or job-related report.



This programme is a short course aligned with the  latest  industry standards and protocols. Successful learners will be issued a PSM College Certificate.


Course Objectives

  • Develop an awareness of the importance and value of an efficient Inventory operation.

  • Conduct a detailed study of accounting and record keeping available to management.

  • Introduce students to sophisticated inventory management systems.


Course Content:

  • Introduction to Operations Management: Process Management, The Scope of Operations Management, Operations Management and Making, The Historical Evolution of Operations Management, Operations Today, Key Issues for Today's Operations

  • Competitiveness, Strategy and Productivity: Competitiveness, Mission and Strategies, Operations Strategy, Implifications of organisation Strategy for Operations Management, Transforming Strategy into Action: The Balanced Score Card, Productivity

  • Forecasting: Features Common to All Forecasts, Elements of a Good Forecast, Forecasting and the Supply Chain, Steps in the Forecasting Process, Forecast Accuracy, Approaches to Forecasting, Qualitative Forecasts, Forecasts Based on Time-Series Data, Associative Forecasting Techniques, Monitoring the Forecast, Choosing a forecasting Techinique, Using forecast Information, Computer software in Forecasting, Operations Strategy.

  • Product and Service Design: Legal and Ethical Considerations, Cultural Factors, Global Product and Service Design, Environmental Factors: Sustanability, Phases in Product Design and Development, Service Design.

  • Strategic & Capacity Planning for Products and Services: Defining and Measuring Capacity, Determinants of Effective Capacity, Strategy Formulation, Forecasting Capacity Requirements, Do It In-House or Outsource It?, Developing Capacity Strategies, Operations Strategy.

  • Location Planning and Analysis: The need for Location Decisions, The Nature of Location Decisions, Global Locations, General Procedure for Making Location Decisions, Identifying a County, Region, Community and Site, Evaluating Location Alternatives

  • Management of Quality: Insights on Quality Management, The Evolution of Quality Management, Quality Certification, Quality and Supply Chain.

  • Aggregate Planning: Basic Strategies for Meeting Uneven Demand, Techniques for Aggregate Planning, Aggregate Planning in Services, Disaggregating the Aggregate Plan, Master Scheduling, The Master Scheduling Process.

  • MRP and ERP: An Overview of MRP, MRP Inputs, MRP Processing, MRP Outputs, MRP in Service, Benefits and Requirements of MRP, MRP II, Capacity Requirements Planning, ERP

  • Inventory Management: The Nature of Importance of Inventories, Requirements of Effective Inventory Management, Inventory Ordering Policies, How much to Order: Fixed-Order-Internal Model, Operation Strategy

  • Supply Chain Management: Trends in Supply Chain Management, Global Supply Chain, Management Responsibilities, Procurement, Inventory Management, Order Fulfillment, Logistics.

  • Project Management: Project Life Cycle, Behavioral Aspects of Project Management, Work Breakdown Stricture, Planning and Scheduling with Gantt Charts, PERT and CPM, Probalistic Time Estimates, Determining Path Probabilities, Budget Control, Time-Cost Trade-Offs: Crashing, Advantages of Using PERT and Potential Sources of Error, Critical Chain Project Management, Risk Management.

  • Alberton North Branch

    52 6th Ave, Alberton North, Alberton

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