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The curriculum of the courses is planned according to the latest syllabus and aims to equip you with a high level of competence in contemporary Afrikaans language which is adequate for fundamental communication.


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At IITT Language Academy, is delighted to bring courses on Afrikaans language for those who are keen on learning the language for studying and working in South Africa. The lessons and lectures in the courses will help you acquire grammatical accuracy, fluency in speaking, appropriate usage of words and phrases, and develop the right accent.

At our institute, we offer the best training on foreign languages at the hands of expert faculties to help you review grammar rules, memorize new words, and practice common phrases. Our basic, diploma, and advanced diploma course, are designed with extensive learning modules which aim to make every learner proficient in speaking and writing abilities.

The online courses on foreign language are flexible and encourage quick and effective learning. It is due to various reasons such as structured instructional materials, live streaming videos, innovative learning methods, 24*7 online support from expert faculties, and audio-video sessions. All of them will contribute to your knowledge and skill development. So enroll into our Afrikaanslearning courses and open new avenues of employment opportunities.


Basic :

The basic online course on Afrikaans language is designed for those who want to learn the language at the basic level or planning to visit South Africa with good speaking and writing abilities. Learners will be taught basic grammar and introduced new words and phrases which they can put into use in everyday lives.

The course endeavors to give you the basic knowledge on the structure and construction of Afrikaans language and how you can memorize the words and phrases and use tenses correctly. There are also classes on pronunciation and vocabulary which are also vital for developing proficiency in speaking and writing the language.


Diploma :

The diploma course is a specialized program that will help you gain competency in communicating the language through virtual and passive lessons. Learners who want to live or settle in South Africa and looking to learn the language meticulously with finer details can pursue the program.

The flexible online program will hone your skills in various aspects of the language. it covers extensive learning modules on Afrikaans alphabets, spelling, pronunciation, phonetics, vowels, tenses, consonant words and others. By attending the online lectures and accessing the exhaustive instructional materials, you’ll become proficient in the language.


Advanced Diploma :

The advanced diploma course is ideal for those who want to do research on the language, live and work in South Africa or go there for higher studies. The course will help you to develop grammatical accuracy needed while speaking, reading, listening and writing the language impeccably. It will also help you to work on your accent for fluent speaking and extend your practical vocabulary or stock of words.

Students will be able to brush up their skills and knowledge through online lectures, webinars, workshops, interactive group, audio visual sessions and others. It encompasses lessons on grammar, phonetics, spelling, vowels, tenses, consonant words, prepositions and others.

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