Anger Management Group Programme

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7 Strategies Learnt from this programme, workbook provided.


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12 Weeks

Course Details

Structure of programme:

  • Session 1 : What is Anger?

  • Session 2: Anger and How it Manifests

  • Session 3: ABC Advantages and Dis advantages of Anger

  • Session 4: Being Assertive

  • Session 5: Before, during and After Anger

  • Session 6: Random Anger

  • Session 7: Keeping your House in Order

  • Session 8: Problem Solving Strategies

  • Session 9: Self Control Strategies

  • Session 10: Intimate Partner Abuse, Domestic Violence, Family Violence

  • Session 11: Powerful Parenting

  • Session 12: Safety Planning and Closure of Group


Theories used when designing the programme:

  • Solution Focused

  • Strengths based Motivation Interviewing

  • Cognitive behaviour Theory/Therapy

  • Te Whare Tapa Wha Model (Mason Durie)

  • Hamilton Branch

    Unit 3B/99 Greenwood St Greenwood St Business Park Frankton, Hamilton

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