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You can combine powerful, proven functionality with new technologies such as generative design, augmented reality, real-time simulation, additive manufacturing. And the iot to iterate faster, reduce costs, and improve product quality. The world of product development moves quickly, and only creo del

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You can combine powerful, proven functionality with new technologies such as generative design, augmented reality, real-time simulation, additive manufacturing. And the iot to iterate faster, reduce costs, and improve product quality. The world of product development moves quickly, and only creo delivers the transformative tools you need to build competitive advantage and gain market share. 

Creo is the 3D CAD solution that helps you accelerate product innovation so you can build better products faster. Easy-to-learn Creo seamlessly takes you from the earliest phases of product design to manufacturing and beyond

Organizations using Creo have experienced certain rise in the productivity levels and faster time. The engineer simplifies the method to be designed before pre-processing with the help of PRO/E.
It has demand all over the world because of some important reasons:
It helps in generating of advance geometry.
Can produce “production drawings”.
Manages assemblies like that of firms like Boeing, Ferrari.
It offers best robust functionality, with complete solution.
Creo is an easy to learn software that reduces the costs and seamlessly takes you from product designing phase to manufacturing phase very quickly and also improves product quality. With the most experienced trainers Manju Cad Experts deliver many software trainings in the fields of CAD, CAM & CAE that are best in the industry. While learning from best software courses, students get an option to do Internship and can also go for Industrial visits assisted by the trainers; so that it helps the students to escalate their career and let them have in-hand knowledge of the software.
During the CAD training, students get many other benefits like student panel, study materials, e-books, tutorials and numerous projects which gives them the better understanding of the concepts of Creo and also help them to grow in their career Manju Cad Experts After the course completion, student not just only get the Creo certificate but also gets placement assistance through which they can get placed in any of the companies all over India.

Course modules

  • Introduction
  • Sketcher Module
  • Part Module
  • Surface Module
  • Sheet Metal Module
  • Assembly Module
  • Drawing Module


  • Introduction to the Pro/Engineer wildfire Basic Modeling Process
  • Understanding Pro/Engineer Concepts
  • Using the Pro/Engineer Interface
  • Creating Sketcher Geometry
  • Using Sketcher tools
  • Creating Sketches for features
  • Advanced Sketching
  • Creating Extrudes, Revoles , and Ribs
  • Selecting and Editing
  • Creating datum features: Planes and Axis
  • Creating Sweeps and Blends
  • Advanced Blends
  • Creating holes and shells
  • Advanced hole creation
  • Advanced shells
  • Creating Round and chamfers
  • Advance round and chambers
  • Drafts
  • Helical Sweeps
  • Swept Blends
  • Creating Patterns
  • Group,Copy, and Mirror Tools
  • Measuring and Inspecting Models
  • Relations and Parameters
  • Family Tables
  • Reusing Features
  • Assembling with Constraints
  • Exploding Assemblies
  • Surface Features
  • Investigating parent /child Relationships
  • Creating Drawing Views
  • Creating Drawing Details
  • Introduction to sheet metal design, primary walls, secondary and unattached walls
  • Unbend, bend back and cuts, punches
  • Sheet metal forms bend features
  • Unbending sheet metal geometry
  • Converting solid parts, additional features interrogating the sheet metal model
  • Real Time Rendering


Optimised For Model-based Enterprises

Creo 4.0 has many added features to help more manufacturing businesses transition into model-based enterprises. There is a greater focus on authoring features such as ASME and ISO standard support, and the calculation of enterprise consumption with the STEP AP 242 and JT Creo View Printing features.

Increased Engineer Productivity

Several features are now optimised to increase the productivity of users. Geometry based selection, a new mini toolbar and WSYIWIG customisation will all help users design faster. In addition, with advanced rendering, users no longer have to wait a long time for images to be produced or have to work with poor quality renders.

Better Enabled Concept Design

The freestyle design now allows users to import and export control mesh and add finer detail to designs, as well as enabling more drawing flexibility. The advanced rendering also means that model images will be produced to a higher quality.

Increased Engineering Capabilities

The update has a whole new set of capabilities for engineers. Users can model sheetmetal directly, build accurate solid weld geometry in both parts and assemblies and reuse components through the intelligent mirror tool. New capabilities also allow for greater 3D design ability; engineers can now use a 3D sweep to draw along 3D trajectories.

Increased Manufacturing Capabilities

With faster, more intuitive mold splitting and integrated material removal simulation, Creo 4.0 allows manufacturers to gather more information and make model changes more easily.

Better Simulation

The so-called ‘Digital Twin’ capability allows digital representations of unique occurrences of a physical product to take place. This allows users to gain greater insight into a product’s state, performance and behavior before sending it to manufacture.

Design Capabilities For Additive Manufacturing

The ability to model both 2.5D and 3D structures as well as analyse and optimise them along with increased design capabilities for 3D printing, users have much more additive manufacturing capability. Tools also allow for lattice thicknesses to be varied for the improvement of strength in any specific region of a model.

Creo 4.0 Is Created For Modern Engineering Businesses

This upgrade is focused on increasing capabilities to suit modern engineering businesses, whether that be 3D design and printing, freestyle concept design or capabilities for model based enterprises. With more model information, simulation and design capabilities, users can create models that are much better suited to the needs of modern engineering.

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