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Our courses on Danish language are designed in such a way that it makes learning easy and fun for the students. Whether you opt for the basic or diploma or advanced diploma course mastering new words becomes easier with practice.


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At IITT language academy, we’re offering basic, diploma, advanced diploma programs on Danish language. The Scandinavian language is spoken by six million people in Europe making it highly sought-after. Training is imparted via regular, online fast track modes.

Expert faculties will provide extensive classes on grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, syntax, phonetics, morphology to hone your speaking, writing, reading, and listening competencies in Danish language. Our trainers will offer structured instructional materials, live streaming videos, smart learning method, and audio-video sessions to evaluate your progress and improve on weaker areas

By enrolling into one of our three courses, you can open up new and exciting job opportunities as a translator, tourist guide, educator, and corporate sector jobs. You’ll not only be able to boost your career but also gain perspective on the culture, society, and literature of the country. There are e-learning facilities where you’ll get access to online instructional materials and tutorial support for flexible learning.


Basic :

The basic program on Danish language revolves around appropriate usage of verbs, nouns, pronouns, adjectives, prepositions and much more in our basic course. There are quality study materials, advanced technology-based education, workshops, online support, and live streaming videos which will develop your fundamental skills and enhance your linguistic knowledge.

To supplement your learning, we present latest and industry-relevant curriculum. The practical classes on syntax and phonetics of the language will help you acquire a good level of proficiency and stay ahead of others.


Diploma :

The diploma course comprises exhaustive learning modules on vocabulary, grammar, accent, phonetics, morphology etc. Become familiar with countless new foreign words and phrases. Introduce yourself to Danish pronunciation and learn to speak it fluently. The diploma course is ideal for students who’re looking to get admission into prestigious Danish colleges and universities. It is also ideal if you’re looking to settle in Denmark for work-related reasons or job purposes.


Advanced Diploma :

The advanced diploma is an intensive program that comprises lessons on phrases, alphabets, nouns, articles, prepositions, modal verbs, conjugating regular verbs, conjunctions, adjectives, comparative and superlative and others. The course will introduce you to various resources and tricks which can help you to learn Danish quickly. Our educators will equip and empower you with their tips, suggestions, and lectures.

Through the course will introduce you’ll get a glimpse of the various Scandinavian literary masterpieces, culture, traditions, and society. Improve quickly and stay motivated with classroom lectures, technology-based learning, live and recorded workshops. Easily achieve grammatical accuracy, better accent, memorize core Danish words and improve your stock of phrases with the exhaustive advanced diploma program.

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