Diploma in Creative Marketing

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This course teaches you the foundations and fundamentals of design, web, content creation, digital marketing, campaigns, and consumer behavior. You will use real-world scenarios to inspire your entrepreneurial spirit and prepare you for working across multiple marketing disciplines.

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32 Weeks

Course Details

More and more businesses are looking for multi skilled marketers, so we’ve launched this truly unique marketing programme to address the growing demand. This Diploma will turn you into a sought after marketer who possesses design skills in a business world and business acumen in a design environment.


What makes this different?

  • This course isn’t about endless theory. We’ll teach you real skills in how to develop creative assets and how to launch them through planned, multi layered campaigns. This means you can promote yourself as a one stop shop marketer to SME’s and organisations who are crying out for people who can do it all.

  • We’ve developed this Diploma in conjunction with a large group of stakeholders from across the business and marketing landscape, finding out what is missing from other marketing qualifications and how we can make this a truly unique learning experience.

  • You can study this programme as a stand-alone course, which will give you the entry level knowledge you need to get out into the industry, or it can be the first step toward our Bachelor in Digital Innovation. This Diploma means you can gain direct entry into year two of the Bachelors.


What you'll learn

Fundamentals of Design

Learn what makes a design element successful by getting a handle on the principles of design. Using InDesign and Photoshop, create design assets and find out what makes certain designs appeal to certain people by learning more about target audiences. Understanding the end-to-end design process can give you a real edge over other marketers.


Web and Graphic Design

A functional, intuitive website is a beautiful thing. Find out how to make one using WordPress, HTML and CSS. You’ll also learn how to use content management systems, plugins and widgets, and a website template builder to create a website.


Storytelling and Content Creation

You’ll learn to develop the bones of a great piece of content including the set-up of the story. You'll build your copywriting skills and use your new digital marketing skills to develop and repurpose content across a range of social media, digital and print mediums.


Consumer Behaviour

You’ll look at customer insights, social and cultural influences on buying behaviour, the psychology of pricing and the role of media in consumer perceptions.


Marketing Foundations and Digital Marketing

You’ll learn the role of marketing in a successful business, how to clearly define a target market and identify their media consumption trends.

You’ll learn about developing a unique selling proposition and how to create a plan to effectively communicate your brand and message.

You’ll also get the practical skills to use online platforms and tools to implement and execute an effective digital marketing plan, including identifying social media platforms and content that reaches your target audience.

You’ll be able use a range of engagement measures to monitor and report on outcomes and goal achievements of your online campaigns.


Introduction to Entrepreneurship

You’ll delve into the mindset of an entrepreneur. Learn about design thinking, learn start up principles, the ins-and-outs of working for yourself rather than someone else, how to build resilience, and face business challenges.


Developing a successful campaign

You’ll bring together everything you’ve learned to develop a campaign. You’ll find a market need through research or your own ideas, write a marketing plan, develop and repurpose content, develop creative assets, and present the plan to your fellow students.

  • Auckland Branch

    Auckland City Road Level 4, 3 City Road, Auckland
  • Auckland Branch

    South Seas Film School Unit 3, 75 Ellice Road, Auckland
  • Auckland Branch

    621 Great South Road, Auckland
  • Rotorua Branch

    1178 Pukaki Street, Rotorua

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