Effective Business Negotiating Skills

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In our Negotiating Skills short course you will learn how to develop skills to effectively negotiate within a business setting.


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1 Day

Course Details

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Establishing your terms of agreement

  • Understanding negotiation objectives

  • Identifying objectives

  • Determining variables

  • Understanding and establishing your requirements

  • Establishing requirements

  • Working with a negotiation team


Lesson 2: Researching the other Party

  • Information gathering

  • Gathering information about the company

  • Gathering information about participants

  • Estimation of the other party’s requirements

  • Estimating requirements


Lesson 3: Preparing for an Agreement

  • Planning for an agreement

  • Establishing bartering boundaries

  • Formulating a plan

  • The negotiation environment

  • Choosing a location

  • Determining the who and what logistics


Lesson 4: Conducting a Negotiation

  • Understanding the negotiation process

  • Identifying the steps in the negotiation process

  • Using guidelines in a negotiation

  • Communicating during a negotiation

  • Communicating effectively during a negotiation

  • Identifying and overcoming communication barriers

  • Using questions in a negotiation

  • Challenging negotiation situations

  • Identifying negotiation styles

  • Handling challenging negotiation situations


Lesson 5: Advanced Negotiating Tactics

  • Control in negotiations

  • Gaining control in a negotiation

  • Identifying the types of questions

  • Negotiation tactics

  • Responding to various tactics

  • Negotiation ethics

  • Understanding legal considerations

  • Handling unethical tactics

  • Responding to an unethical act


Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding and identify negotiation objectives

  • Establish your terms of agreement

  • Gather information regarding the company and participants

  • Estimate the requirements

  • Plan for an agreement ensuring that you have established boundaries, formulated a plan, created a negotiation environment.

  • Conduct the negotiation to achieve an outcome

  • Control the negotiations

  • Negotiation tactics and ethics

  • Understanding legal considerations

  • Responding to an unethical act

  • Newcastle Branch

    Level 1/9 Denison St, Newcastle

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